Where is Finch located?

Finch is a US based company organized as a Utah, LLC with offices in these locations:

Salt Lake City, Utah
Dallas, Texas
Portland, Maine

Melbourne, Victoria

South America
Sãu Paulo, Brazil

Manila, Philippines

Copenhagen, Denmark
Durban, South Africa
London, United Kingdom
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Malmö, Sweden
Marbella, Spain
Oslo, Norway
Nice, France
Paris, France
Stockholm, Sweden
Zurich, Switzerland

Please contact us for more information about Finch in other countries.

Who owns Finch?

Finch is 100% owned and financed by its founders.

When was Finch founded?

Finch was founded in January 2009.

Who are the founders?

Finch was founded by Internet serial-entrepreneurs Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas:

What did the founders do before Finch?

Prior to founding Finch, Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas co-founded Infopia, Inc., a SaaS eCommerce platform for the SMB/mid-market that captured over $1B in revenues for their clients in online market places such as Amazon, eBay, and Google.  They were highly awarded in many ways including:

  • Winning prizes for innovation (eBay Developer of the Year and Innovative developer of the year award for CRM/ecommerce solution)
  • Company management (2 times Best Company to Work for in Utah and both recognized as Top Executives under 40 in Utah)
  • Revenue growth (6x member of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Utah)

After 10 years they left the company to start Finch.