Watch this Finch video for more help on optimizing ad copy.

You want your ad copy to get clicks that convert. Writing your ad so that it stands out from other ads on the search results page is the most critical task. And when your ad is relevant to the search term, this increases the probability that the click will convert, which helps both your cost and volume.

Four lines are available for your ad, and the best practice for each of the lines are as follows:

  1. Dynamic {search term} insertion, combined with text
  2. Benefits of buying from you and/or a snippet of what makes you different from others
  3. Call to action (why buy now; discount, shipping, service, etc.)
  4. URL

When you write your ad copy internally, it may be your most effective instant market research tool.  By changing what you offer as benefits, describing what makes you different, and supplying a “call to action,” in a few days you will learn how your target market is responding to the message you sent with your ad. When your ad has a good response, you should use that information in all of your other online promotions since it has proven to be successful.

When you pay attention to ad granularity and carefully select which ads to modify with the best practices described here (combined with following the instructions in the “How do I change and optimize my ads?" FAQ topic), you can, in most cases, dramatically improve your CTR and Quality score.