As a general rule, your Finch client success manager will help with improving ads; however, we don't specialize in ad copy AB testing at this time. We do want to assist and make sure hte ad copy is performing well. Because of our 'single keyword ad groups' the optimization process is easy, but a bit different than a standard ad group.

Watch this Finch video for more help on optimizing ad copy.

The important thing is to always work on the ads that have the most impact on your results.  Finch uses a highly granular ad group structure that may at first look like it makes it difficult to manage ad copy.  For global changes to ads, you can use AdWords Editor, or you can email the changes you want to Finch, and we will make the changes.

Optimizing the click through rate (CTR) for the ads in a campaign is best done with the following methodology in Google AdWords:

  1. Click on the campaign you want to work on, then select the Ads tab, and set the data range to Last 30 days.
  2. Click on the Impressions header to sort your ads to put the ads with the most impressions on top.
  3. Among the top 25 ads, look for those with the lowest click through rate (CTR), click on the Ad Group link, pause the least performing ads, and add new ones.
  4. Keep track of the ads you are changing (xls) and check next week for improvement (learning).
  5. Every week do this same drill, and you will have a rapidly increasing CTR where it matters the most -- from the keywords with the most traffic/impressions.