PPC Masters

  • A Practical Example of why CPV Works Better for eCommerce

    Is every item on your eCommerce site the same price? Of course not! Every item you sell has a different price. Are you using a cost per acquisition (CPA) model for your Pay Per Click advertising? This model only works well when all conversions have the same value.

  • 5 Questions to Ask an Agency

    So you're thinking about hiring a PPC Agency or just renewing that contract you have had for the past year?

    Know the answers to these questions before signing on the dotted line.

  • 5 Tricks to Successfully Manage Your PPC Agency

    "My current vendor is doing a great job and is taking great care of us” is something I hear frequently.  What they may actually be saying is “I don’t know what is going on, they are nice people and seem to know what they are doing”.  What if you knew exactly how to manage your PPC vendor?

  • 5 Ways to Kill your Competition Using Google AdWords


    Last week Finch hosted a webinar on how to kill your competition using Google AdWords and we just published the recording. Head on over and check it out.

  • 8 Illegitimate Reasons for Discrepancies Between AdWords & Google Analytics Conversions

    If you are an experienced AdWords advertiser, you probably have familiarity with AdWords conversion tracking code. This is a free, easy-to-use conversion tracking mechanism that requires placing JavaScript on whatever page you want to count as a conversion. All you have to do is create your campaign, install the code on your receipt/thank you pages, turn the campaign on, and the conversions start rolling in.

  • 8 Illegitimate Reasons for Discrepancies Between AdWords & Google Analytics Conversions - Part 2

    In the last blog, I talked about how a lot of marketers choose to integrate Google Analytics conversions into their AdWords accounts while keeping their AdWords conversion tracking in place and active. We frequently run across marketers using both tracking mechanisms who wonder why they are seeing different numbers from each.

    You should expect to see differences in the conversion numbers between the two tracking mechanisms. So how do you know if something is not working right in one or the other? Finch has run across a number of common illegitimate reasons for discrepancies between AdWords and integrated Google Analytics conversion numbers viewed in your AdWords conversions page. I described four of those illegitimate reasons in the last log. Below are four additional reasons.

  • 9 Biggest Lies About Automated PPC Management - Part 2

    Welcome back to the second installment on lies that are spread about automated PPC. A lot of lies are probably more like gossip - companies have heard stories about automated PPC and pass this information along as fact.

  • A Conversation With an Online Merchant About PPC

    Me: How is business?

    Merchant: Great, it is the holiday season and business is up!

    Me: Great, are you making money?

    Merchant: Yes, revenues are up almost 20% over last year.

    Me: From PPC?

    Merchant: No, overall.

    Me: Great, what about paid search sourced revenues?

    Merchant: It is up too!

    Me: By how much?

    Merchant: About the same as the other channels.

    Me: Here we go again :)

    Measure the exact return on the money you invest in PPC!!

  • A Moment with Finch

    Finch Moments

    There is a lot of talk about moments these days; a point where everything is timed just right. At Finch, we have our Moments too, when our clients see the impact of our programmatic technology and our people have on their performance.

  • A Year of Innovation at Finch

    We entered 2012 with a growing client base on 5 continents and a great team in place. We analyzed our industry trends, our clients and their needs, our strengths and experience, and it dawned on us that a huge opportunity was developing that we were perfectly positioned to capture.

  • AdWords Management Software Built with Simplicity in Mind

    A lot has been written about simplicity when designing products. Often the most elegant and timeless products are those that are simple. But designing a product to be simple to use and intuitive is actually much harder than it sounds.

  • Are You Arranging Deckchairs on the Titanic or Generating Profit With AdWords?

    Every day at Finch we speak with many ecommerce business owners, executives and online marketing professionals about their AdWords programs. These discussions are driven by pain points and opportunities they feel exist in their programs which often leads the dialog here:

    • I need to keep my current campaign structure to have control
    • I do not want to pay Google for my branded terms
    • My strategy is to be aggressive with assisted clicks
    • Blah blah blah…

    The problem with heading down this path is it’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; it makes you feel good, but the inevitable is just ahead—losing sales to the competition; also known as failure!

  • Bid Sniping for Pay Per Click Bid Management

    Bid sniping for pay per click bid management

    What if you could use bid sniping for your pay per click bidding? What if you had a computer program that automatically knew how much it needed to pay in order to win? Would you use it?

  • Bidding Engines vs. Traditional Search Agencies: A Story About Client Development

    When Eric Maas and I started Finch 4 years ago, we did it to fill a very specific need in the market. We had been running an eCommerce SaaS platform that had done over US$1 billion in sales for our 400 clients by managing multiple channels (website, eBay, Amazon, Google, Overstock, Shopping.com, BizRate, and many others). We did not do Google AdWords and attempted to partner with a number of agencies that specialized in PPC. It was a disaster every single time, because they did not understand the unique needs of our eCommerce clients.

    A failed attempt to acquire a PPC company eventually lead to the start of Finch; now focusing on solving the problems we had uncovered and experienced. We had limited knowledge of PPC at the time but knew a lot about eCommerce after living it for 10 years. We could clearly see why the traditional way of managing PPC for eCommerce by agencies was failing, and we believed we knew how to fix it.

  • Checklists, AdWords, and eCommerce

    During 2012, Finch became more focused on tying the cost of AdWords campaigns to the direct revenues or profit generated.

  • Conversions—Optimizing AdWords for Business Value

    Conversions have long been, and will continue to be, your scorecard for success as an advertiser on AdWords. The value you gain from a conversion can be measured in many ways: new customers, transactions, revenues and/or profit. Accumulating and measuring conversions isn’t the secret to growing your performance. Leveraging the conversion data, specifically optimizing your account based on the value of your conversions, is the key to long-term growth and success.

  • Eliminate the Risk of Using a Paid Search Partner


    We are in the business of offering solutions to companies spending a good portion of their online advertising budget on Google AdWords. Those that we are selling to are faced with the fear of failure: What if it does not work? What if the optimization and AdWords performance does not improve? A common follow-up question is: Do I have to pay if it does not work? This is the thought-process that a prospect is going through prior to committing to work with us; internalization of risk. It is normal!

  • Finch Among Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

    Finch is 146 on Inc 500Finch ranks #145 overall, #12 in the software category and #4 in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (August 20, 2013) - Utah-based company, Finch, was listed alongside the best of the best private US-based companies, ranking #145 overall, #12 in the software company category and #4 in Utah, by the Inc 500 list published today. This was the first year Finch was eligible to be nominated for the Inc 500 list.

  • Finch auf den PPC Masters in Berlin

    Am 11. Februar 2016 finden zum wiederholten Male die PPC Masters in Berlin statt. Tony Hrnek, Partner bei Finch, wird bei dieser Gelegenheit den Vortrag "Kampagnenstruktur Konzepte - Warum wir unsere Kampagnen für Maschinen bauen sollten" auf die Vorteile der Automatisierung im Bereich Google AdWords bzw. Google Shopping ein. 

    Sollten Sie Interesse an verbilligten Tickets für den Event haben, kommen Sie bitte auf uns zu. 


    Ihr Finch Team

  • Finch Keyword Feed


    Keeping an AdWords account up to date with a variable  product database is a pain point that we hear from many advertisers. How do you stay on top of your keyword bank when you add new products or prices change for a few of your SKUs? Finch has created a way to manage the keywords and mitigate this problem.