single keyword ad group

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups Should Be the Focus of Your Paid Media Strategy


    Here’s Why.

    By Bjorn Espenes

    First of all, let’s consider the concept of granularity. It’s not just a buzzword; granularity is everything in the paid media world in regards to performance. Most of us in paid media constantly pull levers in our Ad Groups, blindly “testing” a range of keywords. We’re convinced that, at some point, we’ll actualize the lift we want to see. And, to be fair, if you’re a decent PPC optimizer, you probably do see some success. 

    But what if there were a way to test every keyword--instead of guessing which ones aren’t working?

  • The Benefit of Single Keyword/PLA Ad Groups

    When we introduced single keyword ad groups in 2009 everyone thought we were nuts. Illustrated best by this quote from a competitor “Finch is splitting campaigns into atoms and it becomes so complex it is impossible to manage.” Why did we do it? We did it for a very simple reason: it enabled us to isolate the variables that impact performance. The purpose of isolating those variables was to build an algorithm and data model combination to dramatically increase the accuracy of setting the bid to gain more leverage and reduce risk.