"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

--Charles Darwin


Finch was founded to improve performance and solve the ultimate challenge for online advertisers; knowing the Profit of the next click before you buy it. This is now a reality and has become the holy grail for online advertisers as profit is the ultimate measurement of success.

Finch manages AdWords campaigns for advertisers with the purpose of growing revenues and optimizing for profit in a SaaS+ model. SaaS+ combines the effectiveness of our software with the experience of our team to deliver predictable, scalable and time-efficient results from your Google AdWords budgets.

Finch is a global company with presence in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and has its corporate headquarter in the USA. Finch is managing the AdWords programs for over 300 clients world wide, ranging from well known global brands to many small and mid size companies. Finch is a certified Google Partner and most of the team is made up of Google certified individuals in AdWords, Shopping and Analytics.

Finch has been recognized among the fastest growing private companies in the US (#145 on the overall INC 500 list, #12 in the software category) and is a privately owned company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The story behind our name is simple; when Charles Darwin introduced his theory on Natural Selection the Finch species was at the core of his studies, as they are the most adaptive species on the planet.

The way Finch manages and optimizes online advertising campaigns follows the same principles where the strong areas are allocated more resources to become even stronger over time, while the weak parts fade out.

Corporate Leadership

Bjorn Espenes -
Co-Founder & CEO

Bjorn loves the process of building a company, watching it grow and working with great people along the way. The ultimate reward is seeing his clients have great success and seeing a fresh coat of powder on the mountains.

Eric Maas -
Co-Founder & CTO

An entrepreneur at heart, Eric loves the challenge and rewards that come from extraordinary effort. He thrives whether he's creating business value using innovation and technology or if he's (literally) running up a mountainside or participating in a marathon.

Jason Lowry -

Jason has extensive experience delivering great software products that meet customers needs and leans towards the technical development of business that is needed for growth. He is the glue that holds Finch together having a touch on every area of the company.

Joe Kendrick -

With a passion for finance, Joe has made an impact on Finch by overseeing all financial functions for the company. He is the money man who keeps all of our finances in check and drives profitable growth.

Global Leadership

Client Success
Karoliina Heinonen
VP of Client Success - Europe
Client Success
Michelle Roberts
Director of Key Accounts, US/APAC
Dorian Ducker
Director of Sales Operations
Tony Hrnek
Country Manager and Director DACHs region
Global Marketing
Tomas Ratto
VP of Marketing
Client Success
Kory Baldwin
Director of Client Success - US
Timo Wöhrle
Country Manager
Daniel Niedermayer
Country Manager
Antti Merilehto
Country Manager
Terry Haas
Country Manager and Regional Director
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