Client Testimonials

Our clients have very different business goals, however they all have one thing in common – they all have a desire to optimize their advertising budget. They searched for a better way. They found Finch.

Finch's unique and proven approach for managing PPC is what sets us apart. Our 4 step process combined with our truly innovative technology is proven to delivers results.


"I just wanted to relay how happy we are with the improvements to our AdWords campaign so far - with the increased volume of sales and with the CPA dropping. It's also encouraging that the sales are happening across a number of different ads, keywords, and landing pages, indicating that by continuing to add more, it will keep expanding our sales volume."

Ari Vinograd, CEO - BodyPure


Finch has enabled us to drastically reduce our customer acquisition costs using the AdWords medium. I was quite skeptical at first, but as the Finch software gathers more data to work with over time, the figures just keep on improving.

Rod Bland, President - RamCity

Premier Mentoring

"Finch has been an invaluable tool in launching, managing, and fine tuning our PPC campaigns. We have experienced significant growth in volume and drop in cost per conversion as a result of Finch's services. Finch has also made managing our campaigns clear and easy to implement."

Schott Taylor, Online Marketing Manager - Premier Mentoring


"We house many SKUs at Campsaver with the goal of offering the best gear at the best prices. Because of this, we need to respond quickly to market changes while maintaining tight cost of sales objectives. Our SKU count was not an issue for Finch's technology. Additionally, we were partnered with a knowledgeable account manager who was able to respond to our team and account as needed. We easily reached our YoY goals with Finch."

Jordan Fultz, PPC Specialist - Campsaver


"Finch helped us realize the potential of our unique conversion path by giving us information on each device we bring in. This revolutionized the way that we structured our conversion path and gave us the data we need to profitably grow our market share through paid search."

Stephen Wakeling, Internet Marketing Manager - FlipSwap

Kitchen Warehouse

“I have been working with Finch for 3 years, and they have once again shown me their ability to maximize revenues while managing a tight cost line when taking advantage of new Google AdWords opportunities.”

Peter Macaulay, CEO & Owner - Kitchen Warehouse


"Finch has removed the need for me to "spray and pray" - that is what we used to do before coming on board. We would "spray" out ads and money and then "pray" for a return on that investment. In no time Finch took our spend and optimized it, saving us over 80% in spend while raising conversion rates. Talk with Finch if you want to amp up your ad campaigns."

John Lawson, CEO - ColderICE

Card Machine Outlet

"Since working with Finch, our client success manager has done amazing things for us. He has partnered with us to understand our requirements and build an optimized AdWords presence that has grown significantly. I'm definitely satisfied with the Finch optimization and look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship. Thank you Finch!"

Sherif Mohamed, Founder - Card Machine Outlet


"Finch is a proactive solutions-based provider whose own success is based on your success. They don’t succeed unless the company they are supporting succeeds. Their systems are intelligently designed and can successfully support small boutique businesses through to large businesses with thousands of catalogue items. Finch’s core focus is to meet the marketing target that you set and optimise your campaigns to do just that. Pushys has been impressed with the results that Finch has delivered and will continue to focus on growing our campaigns with the help of their systems and solutions."

Michael Carlisle, Head of IT & Systems - Pushys

Simple Tire

"We have a unwieldy number of SKUs (60K) with multiple price changes per day due to our supply chain rapidly changing. Finch has been able to tame all of our moving parts and give us consistent results. We have a dedicated account manager whom we have a great relationship with. They offer consistent meetings to review performance and discuss improvements. They are always willing to listen to our ideas and have even built functionality based on our feedback. I've never been disappointed with their service, even when we've hit bumps in the road. Our experience has been fantastic."

Kenny Pratt, CTO - Simple Tire

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

"Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has now worked with Finch for almost a year and we certainly enjoy the partnership. Their innovative approach to digital marketing combined with Finch’s unique technology and industry knowledge continues to benefit our company greatly and we remain very impressed by the results and delivery."

Martin Senn, Co-Founder & CEO - Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

MMA Warehouse

"We are a company that has keywords that change often. We need to make sure our partner is on top of AdWords and the continual changes. Those changes have to be watched to know that we are continuing to perform for our market segment. Having someone replace a person internally and manually manage our account, is difficult to do. Finch does that and more. With Finch, I know that their algorithm is doing things that a person cannot do alone consistently. Finch lets you be most productive in what you do and letting them focus on growth in AdWords.”

Mika Casey, CEO - MMA Warehouse


"Finch's programmatic solution has dramatically improved the return on ad spend for weBoost's AdWords program. Their bid modeling would be nearly impossible to replicate with internal staff and their account management helps us greatly given their exposure to multiple businesses. I highly recommend them."

Jamie Elgie, CMO - weBoost

Advanced Window Products

We began using Finch because of their undeniable expertise in PPC. Our cost per lead was getting out of hand. Since we partnered with Finch, we've cut our cost per acquisition by nearly half. They have a very impressive process, along with their own proprietary software to manage and optimize their campaigns. They are also quite personable and great with communication. You will always be in the loop. If you're looking to start marketing in PPC and have ambitious plans, these are the guys you should talk to.

Corey Marsh, Sales & Marketing Director - Advanced Window Products

TUI Suisse Ltd.

"Our numbers have improved dramatically since our collaboration with Finch. Finch provides very competent services and convincing arguments for success."

Frederic Prinz, Online Marketing Manager - TUI Suisse Ltd.

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