The Finch platform is known for automation, but when it comes to our people—employees and customers—we take a manual approach. That’s why our entire U.S. team traveled to Las Vegas last week for a regional summit.

Gathering in a conference room at the Mob Museum (which makes perfect sense when your summit theme is “Together”), we explored the future of our business, our company culture, and of course, the reason we exist: our customers.

It’s been exactly one month since I started at Finch as a Junior Client Success manager for the DACH market. My university education is in language and translation, and I now realize I only scratched the surface of paid search marketing in my previous job, so this has definitely been a month of firsts for me.  

We make choices every moment of the day. By 8 a.m., I’ve already had to choose if I’m sporting casual dress or business attire, eating a healthy breakfast or last night's leftover chocolate cake, and whether I’m sleeping in or sticking to my exercise plan (oh, the dreaded morning run!).

As a marketer, leader, and manager, I spend most of my workday engaged in the decision-making process. Do I overspend in one channel and make up for it in another? Do we launch this campaign? And what about hiring, promotions, 1:1s, meetings, and on and on? Choices and decisions never stop!  

Some decisions I make on instinct, intuition, and experience. Other decisions require deep, thoughtful analysis. Fortunately, in today’s world, big data and advanced analytics make it possible for marketers (like you and me) to see the impact of our decisions on current and future customers. Cue the Finch platform and artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing.

In part one of this series, we shared with you information from our presentations at the Finch + Google European Growth Summit 2018 that explained the importance of automation and machine learning for paid media. Then, in part two, we emphasized audiences. In this final post from the summit, we’ll focus on Display.


Last week Finch had the opportunity to sponsor the Digital Growth Unleashed Conference in Las Vegas. Digital Growth Unleashed is a two-day event for digital marketers to expand their knowledge base and obtain a better understanding of how to positively affect their entire marketing funnel.