It’s been exactly one month since I started at Finch as a Junior Client Success manager for the DACH market. My university education is in language and translation, and I now realize I only scratched the surface of paid search marketing in my previous job, so this has definitely been a month of firsts for me.  

I’m not talking about the firsts you experience at every new job: like the first time you have lunch with your new colleagues or the first time you arrive first to the office and unknowingly trigger the alarm system, causing sheer panic and strange looks from the receptionist. No, for me almost everything I’ve heard and learned on a daily basis about PPC marketing and my job was and still is completely new to me. On most days, the only thing I do know is that I have a lot to learn. So how did I end up working for Finch? 

To be honest, I don't really know when I became interested in digital marketing and considered steering my career in this direction. There was no big a-ha moment, no big epiphany or event that would suddenly make me reconsider my life choices and throw myself into the unknown. I guess the idea kind of grew on me, little by little. An interesting online article here, an ad for a course in digital marketing there, free ebooks on how to become an expert in digital marketing ... then ads and content about digital marketing was all I could see. It almost felt like it was a sign from above or faith nudging me toward online marketing. As I would later learn, it was not divine intervention but tracking cookies that made me see the "signs" everywhere. But by then I was already hooked and my fascination and interest have grown even more. 

After a few lucky clicks on a job search platform and a most pleasant interviewing process, I found myself walking toward my new office, new coworkers, and a completely new career. To say I had conflicting emotions that first morning would be an understatement. It kind of felt like I had split personalities: the first being confident and excited, singing Beyoncé's “Run the World,” and the second being afraid of the great unknown and quietly doubting her decision. The fear was gone the moment I stepped through the doors of the Finch Dublin office and was welcomed by a group of smiling Finchers and a table literally covered with sweets spelling out my name. As far as first days at a new job go, this one would be hard to beat.

As I said at the beginning, this was a month of completely new knowledge and experiences and while there are areas I’m no expert in, there are a few things I learned for sure after one month of being a Fincher:

1. Finchers are all incredibly smart people.

While the Finch platform might give Finch its competitive advantage while doing a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, it’s actually the people who make Finch special. Every day, as I shadow my colleagues as they work out strategies for their clients and listen in on their calls, I’m amazed by their vast knowledge and expertise. I seriously want to be as cool as them someday.

2. Finchers are genuinely friendly. 

Being the new person in a small team that has worked together and known each other for a long time can be a pretty awkward and lonely experience. But here at the Finch, I have never felt like an outsider. As soon as I stepped through the door on my first day (and honestly even during my interviews) I felt like I belong. Each and every single Fincher is always happy to share their knowledge and teach me new things. And I have never had the feeling that my game of “101 questions per day” could be annoying to them. 

3. Finchers are hard workers.

It’s very motivating to work with people who are so dedicated to doing a great job and providing excellent service to their clients. It’s inspiring to see my coworkers always brainstorming new, innovative solutions to achieve better results. Even if things get tough, they simply move up a gear and, in Tim Gunn’s immortal words, they “make it work.” It’s seriously impressive and, as I said before, I definitely want to be as cool as them.

4. Finchers are connected.

Forget about companies where the only people you know and interact with are the ones on your team and your immediate superiors. That's not how Finch does it. Whether you’re working in the U.S., Europe, or the Philippines, you can always reach out to everybody for help or just a chat. And that includes Bjorn, our CEO. Finchers also do regular global calls and updates, so you always know what’s going on in the company. One thing I’m particularly looking forward to is our European summit in Brussels at the end of August, where I’ll get to know and learn from my other European colleagues.

5. Finchers know how to have fun.

Let us be honest for a second: No matter how interesting and well paying a job is, if what you’re doing and who you’re working with doesn’t bring any joy into your life, then it won’t work out long term. And while Finchers work hard, they play pretty hard too. This month I’ve already created so many happy and fun memories with other Finchers, both during and after work hours. Judging by my experience and the stories of the Great Adventures of Finchers’ Past, there’s plenty more fun still to come and I genuinely look forward to it all. 

So, while embarking on a career in a new field can be a bit daunting, I’ve never been more excited to learn and JFDI. As our COO Jason told me during our intro call, “This won’t be the easiest job in your life, but I want it to be your best.” And I highly suspect it will be.

Let’s adapt together,

Mojca Juteršek

Junior Client Success Manager - Dublin