The worst thing you can do in advertising is waste your money.

It seems simple but back in the days where billboards, newspapers and TV advertising were the only options, figuring out which advertising dollars were put to good use was no simple matter. Even more difficult was to figure out ROI from the money spent.

In recent years, the revolution of online advertising has taken advertising’s main stage. This means that each impression and click is measured, every remarketing list is tirelessly collecting information on your customers, and the tool box for online advertisers has become very impressive.

In this digital age, e-commerce retailers can track their advertising in AdWords by keyword performance and can drill down to every single product in their shopping cart. (And if you are a Finch client, you also know the profit!)

But advertisers trying to generate leads don’t have that luxury. 

When leads are acquired they can be duds or gold, they can lead to big paydays, small deals or are just a waste of time. Leads have to be qualified, pitched, negotiated and closed. But as far as online marketing channels are concerned, a lead is just a lead.

Imagine how woefully inefficient that is.

Scores of companies out there are spending valuable advertising dollars right now paying for bad leads hoping to find a few promising ones. Marketing is buying leads from a third-party vendor and crossing their fingers some will come to be clients. Sales is spending time calling potential customers that have a very small chance of closing. This is all because the information to weed out the bad leads and focus on the good does not exist in your AdWords account.

Just like the e-commerce retailer can optimize performance for each product, Finch’s approach to lead generation can focus on the valuable leads. Picking out and bidding for keywords and audiences that have led to closed business in the past ultimately helps your whole business focus on what is valuable, important and provides GROWTH.

Do you know the value of your next lead? We do. 

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Image source: salesgenie.com