There’s a chill in the morning air. The sun goes down earlier. And believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. Holidays are most hectic for eCommerce companies trying to get the most out of the holiday shopping spree to come. 

Shopping patterns have changed dramatically with the increased use of mobile. Below is a infographic from Think with Google with 2015 data. Nowadays, the shopper on Black Friday is most active in the afternoon between 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM! Not in the early morning as they once were. Shoppers know they can still access the deals online without fighting the parking lots, facing cold weather and wrestling cranky shoppers. 

This new way of shopping has made eCommerce advertisers modify their Adwords strategy and budget differently to take advantage of the big holiday traffic rush. Bjorn Espenes, Finch’s CEO, uses the analogy of locking your doors mid-day on Black Friday. He explains it in this article.

Bjorn sat down with Google’s Jackie Slack and talked about how to prepare your AdWords for the holiday shopping season. A few of the critical fundamentals to a solid holiday season AdWord strategy include keyword coverage, shopping/PLA coverage and keeping a close eye on revenue vs cost. 

2016 will be bigger than last year and have more shoppers with more money to spend. The ability to capture your share of that will depend on a few new key components: 

1. Mobile will be huge: exactly how do you plan to get this segment?  

2. Attribution models have changed since last year and have tremendous impact on your ability to compete with those who are more progressive. Which type of attribution best suits your business model?

3. How can you use quality score tricks to outsmart your competitors when their cost tolerance exceeds your need to be profitable?

So sit back, have some hot chocolate, checkout the infographic and ask yourself, "Are you ready for the holidays?"