Keeping an AdWords account up to date with a variable  product database is a pain point that we hear from many advertisers. How do you stay on top of your keyword bank when you add new products or prices change for a few of your SKUs? Finch has created a way to manage the keywords and mitigate this problem.


How does it work?

Finch consumes the XML feed and scans the file for changes.

  • New keywords not found in any campaign are added to a new "feeder" campaign, we’ll call it a “feeder campaign.”

  • The feeder campaign shares budgets with the existing Finch campaign, we’ll call this the “base campaign.” It begins running as soon as it is created. Finch’s programmatic technology automatically uses the default maximum CPC from the base campaign as a starting point. It  begins optimizing the bids for keywords in the feeder campaign right from the start.

  • For keywords that already exist in a campaign: If feed contains one or more complete ad copies for the keyword, then the keyword's ad group is updated with the new ad copy from the feed and its existing ads are paused.

    • If Ad Params (price, quantity, lead-time, etc.) are used, then changes to the ad params in the feed for existing keywords will also be updated.

    • If desired, a modified feed with just keywords and ad params are supported.


Schedule an Automated Feed

Depending on what your schedule is for product and pricing updates, you can work with your Google certified AdWords Expert to get the files updated. If you update your products and product information often, you can send files to Finch at regularly scheduled times. If not, you can submit a file to Finch every once in awhile. We’ll keep up with your needs.


Keep up to Date

Keeping keywords and ad copy current is challenging for any sizable eCommerce company. The Finch team can help you learn more and understand the details behind the Finch Keyword Feed. Our team will work with you to set up your Keyword Feed and get it started. The Finch Keyword Feed keeps your AdWords account current  so that you don’t miss an opportunity to sell your products with Google.

With many years of experience, the Finch team is very knowledgeable in eCommerce. With this knowledge we have created an XML feed that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your product database – keeping your AdWords account current and relevant. When you keep your product database up to date, there is never a need to worry about your products not being advertised on Google.