Google has been testing a new ad extension named Callouts and is now publicly available for AdWords advertisers. We have had several customers trying this new extension out during the beta phase, but in the next few weeks Google will be making it available to all AdWords advertisers.


What are Callouts?

For a long time, advertisers have understood the power of special offers to increase conversion rates. Callouts is a new extension that makes it easy to highlight special offers and unique selling points within any of your Search ads.


We have recommended that including offers like this is a best-practice in Sitelinks as a way to effectively increase conversions. Callouts serve the same purpose, but do not include links to your site. Google has suggested that you use Callouts to highlight unique selling points about your business (i.e., Free shipping, award winning service, etc.) and important products details and benefits. Your ads can include up to four callouts with up to 25 characters, but pithy Callouts perform the best.

Callouts are additive, so you can include them with other ad formats, like Sitelinks. You can create, schedule and manage Callouts within the Ad Extensions tab at the account or campaign level, and even down to the Ad Group level.

Callouts are awesome!

Whenever you enable ad extensions it improves the performance of the ad by giving you more real estate, more relevance to your customers and now gives them specific reasons to click through on your ad. As you enable ad extensions you click-through-rate (CTR) will increase, lifting the overall performance of your account.

Here are a few specifics on using Callouts:


  • Provide offers and highlight unique selling points.
  • Enabled extensions impact your AdRank, enabling Callouts can lift your AdRank, leading to higher ad positions.
  • Target mobile with device-specific customizations.
  • You can edit Callouts across your Account, Campaigns and Ad Groups without having to edit each ad.
  • You can schedule Callouts to display on specific dates, days of the week and time-of-day.


Things you need to know about Callouts:

In addition to the key features and benefits of Callouts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you begin enabling Callouts in your account.


  • You are not allowed to duplicate text in Callouts across the Account, Campaign or Ad Group. For instance, you can’t put Free shipping on the Campaign and again on the Ad Group. Some similar terms will be considered duplicate (i.e., Customer service and Customer support)
  • Google will generally show the highest performing and most useful combinations of extensions and formats. This takes some of the guesswork out for you in determining which combinations will give you the greatest CTR.
  • No Dynamic Keyword Insertion. This is a bit of a bummer, but hopefully we will get this in future releases.
  • No gimmicky text or emoticons in your Callout text
  • Keep them short and pithy. Google recommends 12-15 characters, even though they allow up to 25 characters.
  • Use sentence case for your callouts. i.e., Free shipping not Free Shipping.


Finch Customers, we’ve got you covered

We love new features from Google, especially features that help you increase your CTR, which drives your Quality Score and AdRank, enabling you sell more through AdWords.

As Finch customers we’ve got you covered and will be enabling the features as they become available on your account. If you’re not yet a customer, this is yet another example in the ways Google continues to evolve and how Finch will always help you be in the fore-front. You should start with a free AdWords audit to see the other ways in which Finch can help you generate more profit and revenue through AdWords.