Here at Finch, we are always on the lookout for interesting technologies and partners that can help eCommerce companies, like you, increase marketshare and revenue. A few months ago we started collaborating with Fanplayr, looking for ways to help businesses learn how to get more out of their marketing efforts. Fanplayr is an exciting technology that will help you increase sales by delivering highly targeted and relevant on-site offers to customers on your own site, powered by a cloud-based big data intelligence platform. Finch will help get your customers to your site, and Fanplayr will help you convert them at higher values.


At Finch, we recognize the increasing competition companies like yours face, and we have always been committed to helping you drive revenue in a pay-for-performance model. Fanplayr takes a similar approach, removing monthly subscriptions and relying on their ability to help you achieve a demonstrable lift to your bottom line.

Fanplayr designed its platform to help online merchants make the most out of their visitor traffic by being able to understand and engage with prospective customers in real-time. Based on historical, behavioral, or demographic visitor attributes, you can understand your visitors’ intent, and serve relevant offers in order to appeal to that specific intent. In-depth analytics, dedicated account managers, and in-house industry experts have enabled Fanplayr to improve billions of online shopping experiences. Fanplayr is aligned with it’s customers’ goals, and can launch campaigns to increase site-wide conversion rate & AOV, increase customer acquisition, reduce cart abandonment, increase customer loyalty & lifetime value, optimize offer-based margins, and improve your online shopping experience.

Over the next few months we will be collaborating on educating eCommerce companies about how you can take control of lifting the bottom line through AdWords and on-site strategies. We will explore the data and results of companies that have employed these profit-first technologies and techniques. The first installment in this joint education series is a quick overview of each company, you can watch the video here.