Join us for a webinar as we discuss the 5 surefire ways to kill your competition using Google AdWords. Presented by Bjorn Espenes, a long time ecommerce veteran, we will walk through the right strategies to optimize profit from your AdWords spend.


AdWords is not new. Millions of businesses are using it to connect with their customers every day. But how does your organization use AdWords? Is it for brand awareness, profit, revenue, marketshare, leads or something entirely different?

After working with hundreds of companies, we have been a part of countless conversations about the role of AdWords within an organization. Every department has different goals and finding alignment can be a challenge. The CEO wants to be #1, the CFO is concerned about the budget and returns, the CMO seeks branding and attention on the latest campaign, while the COO is focused on inventory and keeping everything up to date.

But there’s one metric that is indisputable. One metric every department can get behind: profit. When you shift the conversation about AdWords away from conversions, leads and clicks to profit suddenly you get more budget, more support and Adwords becomes a sales commission instead of simply an advertising cost.

In this webinar we will cover the 5 strategies that will help you get the most profit out of AdWords, including: 

  1. Defining the right KPI to measure success
  2. Bid on the outcome (profit), not the click. Bid aggressively on the right keywords, eliminate overbidding on the rest
  3. Forget the "Search Funnel"
  4. Get complete keyword coverage
  5. Build ads that attract clicks

Register for the webinar today and join us on October 16th (US) or October 17th (EU).