Finch: PPC Tool or Agency?When people first learn about Finch, they commonly ask, “Is Finch an Agency or a Tool?” Simply put, we’re neither! We're a managed solution.


It's easier to think about Finch as a SaaS plugin to AdWords that always knows how much to bid for each keyword. You sign up for our service, we download what we need from the Google AdWords API, crunch the numbers on our side, and then do optimization through the API. We’re very data-driven and automated. That does not mean that there is no human oversight! Our team consists only of very senior people who are uniquely qualified to make decisions about adjustments to your account and to ensure everything is working; from tracking and data collections, to trending and finding new opportunities.


We do a lot to create new campaigns using feeds, remarketing, etc., yet what makes us different from an agency is that we do not work with companies new to AdWords (you can't optimize when there isn't data). We believe that you are uniquely suited to write the ad copy for your business. To help you with that Creative work, we provide structure in our campaigns and ideas via article, blogs, and video tutorials. We want you to make the most of the two lines of 35 characters to help your potential customers understand the benefits, differentiators, and calls-to-actions that are unique to your business. We also provide some services via ex-Google account managers to help fully optimize your account and to keep up to date with Google's latest features and policies. Additionally, the Finch Client Performance Program has the industry’s most comprehensive periodic reviews for fine-tuning settings, data quality, performance to keep inline with the competition, and for introducing new technology and features, and more.

We’re different from a tool, because there is nothing new to learn, no user manual, and no training required. There are no buttons, knobs, dials - and very few settings. You set the targets and strategy, we run the account, and our software optimizes continuously. In the end, that makes us accountable for the results, which gives you control in our transparent performance business model.

We've found that our approach works best with in-house teams who are already managing AdWords successfully but are ready to take it to the next level. By offloading the tedious, quantitative portion to Finch, it allows them to focus more on strategy; and through our structure, it is easier to manage the creative parts (Ad copy and Landing Pages).

We start everyone with a Free Audit of their account that shows them the changes we would make up front - if they like what they see, then they sign up for the service. Unlike a tool or agency, we typically launch your account within 1-2 business days, and you typically see very positive results within 2-4 weeks.