Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is the key to a fitter, firmer body. Your success with AdWords is like a healthy lifestyle, and right now your AdWords account is sitting on the couch eating an entire bag of potato chips.


The good, productive, and profitable keywords in your account are healthy foods like whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Just like you should eat more of these, Finch finds the most profitable keywords in your account to maximize your returns.

Fatty foods and simple carbs are like the money wasters in your account. You obviously want to limit these to trim the fat of your account. Finch finds these types of keywords and adjusts their Max CPCs down to appropriate amounts.

In some cases, diet is enough to see some big improvements; however, exercise doesn’t hurt either. Exercise is equivalent to some of the manual efforts that you can do to fully optimize your account. These activities include:

  • Taking advantage of Google extensions that increase your ad real estate (site links, long headlines, social)
  • Understanding Google’s extension options for your business needs (Product, Phone, Location)
  • Continually optimizing ads for your highest impression keywords
  • Monitoring search terms and adding strategic negative keywords as needed
  • Optimizing landing pages to improve conversions; perhaps even consulting with a specialist.
  • Growing your bank of keywords over time (Finch’s Dynamic Search Term Insertion provides assistance on this by adding broad and phrase match keywords that are converting)

Getting into a regular exercise routine may seem daunting, but with a Finch account representative as your coach, you’re sure to succeed.

Diet and exercise are the key to a fitter you - and the key to a fitter AdWords campaign. However, just like in the real world, you may not see results immediately. Finch campaigns typically take 2-4 weeks to optimize and start seeing great results - depending on campaign size and complexity. Finch also has many options for optimization depending on your time, money, and risk tolerance; so, like an overbearing parent, you can decide if your AdWords performance should become a part-time athlete or an Olympic hopeful.

Take the first step towards a healthier AdWords lifestyle by signing up for Finch's free audit of your adwords account.