Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step in getting better. Lets face it, when it comes to optimization most of us feel like we have a lot room for improvement. I talk with AdWords advertisers every day who know they have a lot to work on, but don't quite know where to start. The truth is, most people (AdWords experts included) have a tough time pin-pointing the real problems with their AdWords campaigns. Some of them are worried about making any changes at all, and others are overwhelmed and feel like they have to change everything or outsource all control to an outside firm. The right answer is probably somewhere in between.


AdWords Optimization

Take heart though; if you break it down and make isolated adjustments, you’re sure to find the winning combination to success. Let’s start by defining the three most important areas that need to be optimized: Traffic, ads, and landing pages. These are the three key components to your success or failure when it comes to paid search optimization. It would be a clear mistake to try to fix all issues of these three areas at once, but it would also be a mistake if you try to tackle the changes to these three areas in the wrong order.

Most clients and agencies have a tendency to start optimizing the landing pages first, then the ads, and then at last focus on the traffic. Well, that would be exactly right if you were just setting up your AdWords campaigns from scratch.

However, if you are optimizing existing campaigns, then you want to take a different approach, because the traffic and conversion data is invaluable in your efforts. You can use it to see what’s working, and what’s not.

First, you want to limit your losses by reducing the amount you’re spending on money-losing keywords. Second, it’s not good enough to simply reduce your budget, because that negatively impacts the traffic for both good and bad keywords. Last, we want to boost the performance of the good keywords. If you can crank up the volume of impressions for the right keywords, then you will get increased opportunities to test your ads, which will result in more visitors to your site and landing pages, which will result in more opportunities to measure your conversions. If good-quality keywords aren’t producing impressions then you’ll have a tough time figuring out the rest of the equation.

Focusing on your ad or landing page optimization without any traffic is sort of like planning a great party that none of your friends attend. Trust me... not cool!

One other very important reason to start with traffic optimization is that this is the one area where we can use technology to provide a more scientific approach. Finch uses your existing AdWords data in your campaigns to pinpoint exactly what you should be bidding for each keyword and then sets bids accordingly.

Keep in mind that this unique approach assumes you already have the basics down; keywords generating traffic, ads that are getting clicks, and landing pages that are producing conversions. If the basics are there, then we teach our clients to A/B test on the high impression, lowest CTR ads first, and then focus on the landing pages with the most clicks and fewest conversions. This is made possible by the way we structure campaigns that enables optimization.

Yes, it’s a bold approach. Yes, it’s different than the approach everyone else takes, and it works! It produces significant results, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Let us help you identify the problems in your campaigns. Our free audit gives you detailed information about where you should start. We’ll tell you specifically what we will change, and why we will change it.