When was the last time you created an AdWords campaign from scratch? Keyword research can be grueling. When it comes time to enter your keywords, how do you know which keywords to start with? You’re the master of your online business, so you know which keywords best describe your business, right?


Does Google AdWords® encourage you to add new related words? Or are you using a service that grows your long-tail keywords over time?

These new keywords can be very good and help show your ads to more potential buyers. These new keywords may be closely related or words that you failed to think of initially. But they can also be less relevant than your original words and can have a higher price. They may be good because the competition for those words is less - or they may be higher competitive words you originally excluded intentionally.

Remember that adding new keywords is only in your best interest when these keywords result in conversions (not just clicks!). You should carefully consider which keywords you add and then track the success of these keywords over time. If they aren’t getting conversions - then chuck them!

Finch considers the clicks/conversion ratio for keywords while optimizing your account. Words that are getting clicks but no conversions are “bid down” so that you pay less for those. Occasionally we recommend removing keywords when we do our Audit. Ultimately you’re looking for the most return - either value of conversions or number of conversions. Your interest should be that the keywords are returning value/conversions at the set target cost.

Finch also offers our customers a long-tail keyword service - but it only adds the keywords that have previously resulted in conversions. In this case, it looks for phrase and broad keyword matches that resulted in conversions, then automatically creates an exact match for that keyword and bids it separately - and typically at a lower cost. We call this feature Dynamic Search Term Insertion and it’s included as part of your Finch service, but you need to opt-in. Ask your Finch representative for additional information.