Bid sniping for pay per click bid management

What if you could use bid sniping for your pay per click bidding? What if you had a computer program that automatically knew how much it needed to pay in order to win? Would you use it?


Do you remember bid sniping? It was a big thing a couple of years ago. In online auctions bid sniping is where a computer program times the auction and enters the winning bid about 1 second before the auction closes – leaving humans no chance of responding to the winning bid.

Finch actually does know exactly how much to bid for keywords – but rather than just paying the most for the top spot, Finch figures out how much to pay for your business to be the most profitable. Plus – Finch isn’t PPC bid management software that you need to download and learn in order to be successful. Finch is a pay per click management service that manages your bidding for you.

You can see a preview of how Finch bids by signing up for a complementary audit. Your audit will show you exactly where you’re bidding too little and too much for keywords.

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