Being with Finch for almost two years now, I have been exposed a lot to the question of why software (rational) driven bids should outperform manual (emotional) tweaks. Obviously I am convinced, because it works. But the lack of emotion with the Finch bidding engine bears a lot of fear for potential clients. That is why I came up with a comparison of rational bid management to probably the highest possible emotion in the world, - Love.

Let's go:

Bid management is highly rational.
Love is obviously not.
Bid Management is about revenues.
Love hopefully not.
Bid management should be automated.
Well, love is definitely not.

But for all that, I think Bid Management and Love still have very much in common.

I picked one of many definitions that I found for love:
"Love is the loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another." 1 True? True.

What about Bid Management?
"Setting the right price for the next click with the goal to generate as many sales as possible, or in other words, profitable revenues." True? True.

So what is the connecting thing? It is Finch of course. Here is why:

Although the Finch Software cannot love the products you sell, it respects the most important attribute of love that is missing in the definition above: Unselfishness.
The Finch approach does not blame manual campaign managers for being selfish, but when it comes down to processing every transaction at a keyword level and considering all the new information for future bids in order to generate profitable revenues, you better make sure those bids are based on facts rather than on well-meant assumptions. Manual tweaks make you feel good because you have taken care of the campaign yourself, but you can only assume that you made the right decision from your know-how. But you wanna make sure you made the right decision. You want and need the security of having made the right decisions. But these can only be made based on hard facts. Now imagine that Finch makes thousands of decisions every day for each keyword and sale to reach your targets. How could this be humanly possible?

The absolute unemotional ability to set each bid for the next click in relation to revenues is an absolute unique approach by Finch. Because it is based 100% on the data in the account, it is 100% unselfish.
And Finch has to prove that ability every day. This, by the way, is the same with love. True? Hopefully ;)

1) Adopted from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.