Finch-PPC for search, shopping and mobile partners with LinkShare Japan

 Salt Lake City, UT – Sept 14, 2016

LinkShare Japan K.K., a group corporation of Rakuten, Inc. and Finch, LLC located in Utah, USA, formed a business agreement on September 14th, 2016 to provide Finch services in Japan. This agreement enables LinkShare Japan to provide Finch’s automated optimization service for search, shopping and mobile. This agreement authorizes LinkShare Japan to provide the service exclusively in Japan. LinkShare Japan will launch Finch’s CPA service in October of 2016.

Every advertiser wants the top position on the Google search results page, organic or paid.  Why?  It gets the most traffic!  In this blog post I will cover how you can systematically improve Quality Score and secure an unfair competitive advantage when buying clicks from Google.


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The Power of Branded Keywords


As Head of Client Success for the US here at Finch, I often get asked by my clients why they need to spend money on their own branded terms. Afterall, they rank so well for these keywords organically. The answer: GROWTH, among other benefits. Below I will outline five key reasons as to the importance of bidding on your brand: quality score, organic vs paid, the power of doubling up, competitors, and how brand and non-brand work together to create growth!

Here at Finch, we are  so excited to announce that we earned the new Premier Google Partner badge! 

What exactly is the significance of this badge? The Premier Google Partner badge distinguishes top agencies who have a solid track record managing significant AdWords investments for their clients while focusing on client growth. This makes it easier for Advertisers to identify Partners with experience managing large and complex campaigns like Finch does. 

Finch has always been focused on helping its clients do more with their advertising efforts. Everything Finch does looks to turn advertising costs into sustainable investments in bottom-line performance. The Finch teams works closely with you to understand your business and set goals for producing advertising performance accordingly. 

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