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Here at Finch, we are constantly beating the drum of optimizing a paid search campaign for the right metrics. Given the improvements that have been made to conversion tracking and analytics over the past several years, it’s amazing how many people we talk with who are still optimizing in ways that are virtually guaranteed to deliver sub-par results; and by sub-par I mean limiting the total amount of profit that a campaign could otherwise achieve.

The weather’s finally heating up (here in Utah finally!), with that comes summer travel plans. Google research found that six in ten people considering a summer trip were already conducting research in February, yet 46% had not yet decided on their destination.

If you think about the incredible amount of data Google collects every time someone types something into the search box, advertisers are now able to influence a consumer’s summer travel plans in real time using programmatic technology.  

For example: If you own a local snorkel shop and summer season is coming up, how do you compete with the other shops in town? According to Google:

85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at the destination.1

I recently left my Finnish Market Lead job at Google’s Global Marketing Services team to be part of Finch’s growth success story in Europe. One of the things that I picked up from Finch’s CEO, Bjorn Espenes, years before he was able to cajole me into joining the company was his famous presentation tagline: “Repeat after me, CPA is bad.”  This was followed by a clear and compelling explanation of what metrics really matter to a business. Even though digital advertising professionals are now largely comfortable with these key online advertising metrics, they are sometimes caught off guard having to explain the metrics to other teams and key personnel in their organizations who have not yet had enough exposure to the new set of digital advertising key performance indicators. Here is a recap of some of the most vital KPIs as well as a quiz to test yourself for whether you truly master these concepts.

Recipe for Success: 

•  10 companies hungry to grow and succeed online
•  1 full Finch European Customer Success Team
•  6 Google Dedicated Agency Support Team members from all over Europe
•  1 US Google Business Development Manager
•  11th floor of Google’s European Headquarters in Ireland
•  1 gloriously sunny day with a perfect view of Dublin

These were the ingredients for the first annual Finch VIP Summit. 

Last year's Premier Partner Awards for best
Shopping campaign was won by Finch.

Finch was founded on a simple, yet seemingly impossible, proposition: to help advertisers predict the profit of each click before buying it. Based in the US, the business has over 300 clients around the world - and teams across Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. 

Finch’s award entry described how they helped e-Commerce bathroom furnishing and fixture business, Neuesbad Handels GmbH, with its search and shopping campaigns. As a growing business, Neuesbad had always wanted to expand its keyword coverage but struggled to find a way of doing it while keeping costs down. With over 200,000 products offered, they needed a systematic solution, and Finch was happy to oblige. 

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