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How Finch manages it is.

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Integrated Paid Search, Shopping & Display Platform

In a broken industry where most agencies handle paid search in the same way, Finch pioneered a new style of managing this channel in a completely different way: programmatically. Geared for continual performance, our adaptable technology learns and improves as it works. Simple to onboard, no upfront fees, consistent campaign growth, and a totally different experience. See what Finch can do for you.

Four fundamental differences

Focus on the Ad Group

The most actionable data in your account is at the ad group level: we pioneered Single-Keyword AdGroups to maximize insight.

Get Each Click

Each click has a unique set of attributes: if you can predict which attributes matter, you can get laser focused in your bidding strategy.

Routine Tasks Kill Strategy

Time you spend on repetitive tasks is time you can’t spend on strategy. Our technology does the heavy-lifting so you can worry about more important things.

Optimize for Profit

The goal of any business is to make more profit, so why not use that as your main metric? Finch tracks the profit for each keyword then can predict profitability for future clicks.

How We Grow Your Business


Increase your ability to make decisions off your data and align your key metrics with desired business outcomes.


Create a direct link between ad spend and profitable growth while identifying opportunities for growth and areas of loss.


Drive growth through keyword expansion, leverage data and increase Quality Score while alleviating a long list of daily tasks.


Predict the outcome and set the bid of each individual click to optimize conversions and profit.


Maintain cost goal while growing market share & replace revenue optimization with profit optimization.

Services We Offer

Paid Search & Shopping

Our intelligent automation analyzes data to best understand how to earn more from your paid search & shopping. We programmatically automate all the tedious tasks while focusing on your goals for growth. Our approach is different...and the results are better.

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Client Success

Our Google-certified team of experts provides assistance with the fundamentals. Your Client Success Manager will learn about your business and prioritize the services that will make the biggest impact based on your business goals.

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