Campaign Reports with Insights Reporting

Easily make data-driven decisions that drive true growth

Finch Insights reporting brings all your paid media campaign reports together. In a single place, you access metrics across all your advertising channels and all your ad platforms. You easily spot opportunities and make data-driven decisions that drive true growth.

Cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), conversion rate, performance at the product level, and more for search, shopping, and display on Amazon, Google, and Bing, it’s all there in a single view accessed with a single login.

A Single Source for All Your Data

Instead of logging in to multiple platforms and aggregating data in a spreadsheet, simply log in to Insights and access what you need.

Insights makes it easy to see how your campaigns are doing with dozens of built-in system reports ready to review and consume.

It also makes it easy to access the data you want if it’s not in a system report. You can easily create reports for your business goals. Or you can ask your Finch strategist to create custom reports for you that you can view any time.

More than Data — Actionable Campaign Insights

Insights reporting gives you more than just raw data. Reports are built to show you what matters and what you can do with that data. You see trends and opportunities, what’s working, and what can be improved. You access simple, actionable information you and your Finch strategist can put to use.

You easily see how your paid media performance drives business growth. And you can quickly share that information across your organization.

You can slice and dice your data however it works for you and your organization whether that’s quick-view dashboards, high-level summary reports, low-level item reports, or a mix. You can see data by channel or platform or group data into campaign groups across channels and platforms. You can use built-in groups or create your own “Group By” segments for limitless ability to analyze your campaigns.

You can compare channels on a single platform or compare and contrast campaigns across platforms. Or group shopping campaigns by brand or category on one platform or several. And all with just a few clicks.

Insights lets you compare and contrast data performance by SKU, domain, country, currency, language, product type, price tier, availability, and more. You can even drill down into each group to further analyze performance.

You can even easily track your paid media budget and quickly make adjustments to allocation and cadence to ensure you’re optimizing spend.

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What we appreciate about Finch — besides the intelligent bidding AI and the personal support — is the Insights tool. It gives us a perfect overview of all our SEA, shopping, and Amazon campaigns with a multitude of important KPIs.

— Robin Haas, Marketing Team Leader, Ankerkraut GmbH

A Few of the Campaign Reports Available in Insights

Audience performance

Previously converting

Potential problem search queries

Top-performing keywords and products

90-day CPA by ad platform

Audience performance

Previously converting

Potential problem search queries

Top-performing keywords and products

90-day CPA by ad platform

Many reports span all your channels or platforms. Reports can also be separated by channel or platform or your chosen mix. You can drill down by campaign type or subtype as well as virtually any custom parameter you choose.

Insights also includes Amazon Advertising reports you can’t get anywhere else, including a Buy Box report, sponsored products across Amazon search and shopping, a category/brand report, a labels report, and a search terms report. Insights also incorporates lag data and aggregated audience reporting. And it lets you combine Amazon seller/vendor data with data from Google Merchant Center.

How Insights Reporting Works

Finch Insights reporting uses multiple application platform interfaces (APIs) to aggregate data. You access data from your paid search, shopping, and display campaigns running in Google, Bing, Amazon, and display networks using Finch Optimization. Not just any data though  — granular data down to the SKU and product level and that you can’t get with virtually any other reporting tool.

In a single place, you get quick, easy access to information you can use to inform your organization, identify trends, and see opportunities.

You can also quickly turn Insights into goals and objectives in the Finch Collaboration tool and into actionable tactics in Finch Optimization. The three work together in the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform and with you and your Finch strategist to give you the power you need to grow your business online and at scale.

Campaign Optimization

The insights you get from the Finch Platform come from Finch Optimization. It delivers automated campaign optimization that uses detailed historical performance data from your own campaigns to continually automate and optimize new campaigns, keyword expansion, and bidding to meet or exceed the metrics you’re after.

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Built-In Collaboration

The Finch Platform lets you turn findings from Insights into actionable goals and tasks with the Finch Collaboration engine — a purpose-driven collaboration tool for digital marketing. Use it to collaborate with your Finch customer success manager (CSM), drive growth, and track progress.

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