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Campaign Optimization

Easily, effectively, and confidently scale how you grow online

A core component of the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform is automated campaign optimization.

While ad platforms, like Google, Bing, and Amazon, automate campaigns, that automation is limited. It restricts what you control and may not deliver what you want. And the only way to apply what works on Google to Bing or Amazon or on paid search to shopping and display is to do a lot of manual analysis and work.

Finch Optimization gives you full control and automated optimization. It continuously optimizes your campaigns using granular data about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what you want to achieve. You get a level of control not available anywhere else and across all channels and platforms in a single place.

Success-Based Cross-Channel Campaign Optimization

Finch Optimization works across paid search, shopping, and display campaigns. And it spans Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, and display networks.

Rather than manage channels and platforms in siloes, you leverage what’s worked and is working in one channel or platform across all channels and platforms. You get a level of optimization not possible when you make changes manually.

Automatically Optimize with Full Control and at Scale

Finch Optimization uses a granular, structured campaign approach to give you automation with full control of campaign performance.

You choose which channels and devices to advertise on. You advertise at the product, category, or individual SKU levels. And you set and adjust campaigns for individual products, promotions, holidays, or sales with a few quick clicks and at any time.

You determine your key metrics to control and optimize for what matters most to your paid media efforts — whether that’s revenue growth, return on ad spend (ROAS), or your own key performance indicators (KPIs).

Optimization does the rest by analyzing and acting on your paid media data and finding the right ways to deliver maximum return on your metrics. You get all that control with all the benefits of automation.

Optimization automates thousands of changes a week and across all of your platforms and channels, including search, shopping, banner, video, native, audio, and ad placements. It automated more than 62,000 changes during the first week for one Finch client. That’s a level of optimization not possible unless you have dozens of finely synced experts on staff.

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We appreciate the automated bidding and placements that perform exceptionally well and this continues to drive revenue within a healthy profit margin.

— Maarten Berge, Technical E-Commerce Manager, Stormberg

A Sample of What the Finch Platform Automatically Optimizes

Initially, Optimization uses historical performance data from your own campaigns. Then, as it learns about your campaigns’ performance, it uses ongoing data to continually and automatically optimize.

You have maximum control and effectiveness. And you have full automation and can still adjust and adapt when needed. For example for seasonal changes or for key product lines, brands, or items.

Performance down to the product and keyword match type level

Performance across all your channels and for every stage of your customer funnel

Bidding across Google, Amazon, Bing, and demand-side platforms (DSPs)

Audience modifiers, including device, location, interaction, and demographics

SKU-level targeting — you’re not restricted to just ad group-level targeting

Keyword expansion through Dynamic search term insertion (DSTI)

Quality score and ad rank improvement for paid search campaigns

How Optimization Works as a Key Part of the Finch Platform

Finch Optimization is the automation engine in the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform.

Optimization works by setting your thresholds based on the goals and objectives that you and your Finch strategist determine. Optimization does the rest. By algorithmically analyzing the granular data from your past and current campaign performance, Optimization continually and automatically adjusts to meet your targets and deliver optimal results.

Optimization, Insights, and Collaboration work together in the Finch eCommerce Growth Platform and with you and your Finch strategist, so you grow your business online and at scale.

Automation with Full Visibility

The Finch eCommerce Growth Platform includes the Finch Insights Reporting engine. Insights eliminates the black box that comes with most ad platforms. You get actionable data for all your channels and ad platforms in a single dashboard. And you access dozens of prebuilt reports or create (or have your Finch customer success manager (CSM) create) any number of custom reports for your unique metrics and needs.

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Optimization with Complete Collaboration

The Finch Platform also includes the Finch Collaboration engine — a purpose-driven collaboration tool for digital marketing. Use it to collaborate with your Finch CSM, set goals to drive growth, track progress, and turn Insights from the platform into action plans and tasks.

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