Finch eCommerce Growth Platform

Where your team, the Finch team, and technology merge to grow your business online

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Monitor with Finch Advertising Management Platform showing in screen
Monitor with Finch Advertising Management Platform showing in screen

Finch provides a unique combination of people and technology. You get an innovative data-driven eCommerce growth platform combined with access to expert strategists.

You and Finch use the platform together. It’s used to automate and optimize your digital advertising activities. It provides detailed actionable insights. And it lets us effectively collaborate with each other as we grow your revenue.

The eCommerce Platform That Drives Growth

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Campaign Optimization

Automate and optimize campaigns across channels and platforms and meet your goals and revenue targets — all while keeping costs in line.

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Insights Reporting

Get transparency into campaigns across all your platforms with granular insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

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Put Insights into action as you grow and scale with a purpose-driven collaboration engine for digital marketing — built into the Finch Platform.

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Campaign Optimization

The Finch eCommerce Growth Platform automates and optimizes all your paid search, shopping, and display campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, and display networks.

It uses granular data from existing campaigns to maximize the performance of every other campaign. You get the most effective automated campaign control possible. Learn more about campaign optimization.

  • Control and optimize for revenue growth, return on ad spend (ROAS), and your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Automatically maximize full-funnel performance across channels and ad platforms.
  • Grow brand awareness and remarketing with cross-channel audience discovery and automated keyword expansion.
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Insights Reporting

Finch Insights reporting pulls data from all your paid media channels and ad platforms into a single place. You get actionable insights you can usually only get from multiple places combined for you in a single view. You can slice and dice your data virtually any way you want to quickly act on the metrics and attributes you care about most.

Easily see how your paid media performance drives business growth. And quickly and easily share that information across your organization. Learn more about Insights reporting.

  • Access dashboards, summary reports, and individual item reports for all of your digital advertising campaigns across platforms in a single place.
  • Group, save, and share data in actionable built-in reports or customize reports for your own needs.
  • Instantly see how each advertising channel is performing and apply successful practices across channels.
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Only the Finch Platform could allow us to free up our workflow through automation and give us the power of having in-depth campaign insights to track our progress. Not to mention, it helped us operate at a very healthy cost of sales.

— Lars Bartels, Marketplace Manager, EMP


The Finch Customer Success team works with you to develop a strategy to hit your goals. Your team then translates your strategy into a detailed action plan. The actions needed to meet your plan are put into the Finch Collaboration engine. It’s a collaboration tool purpose-built for digital marketing and integrated into the Finch Platform. You gain full visibility into what you and Finch are doing to drive growth for your business and how your strategy is moving forward. Learn more about Collaboration.

  • Access industry-expert strategists to develop and execute your paid media strategy.
  • Get full transparency and accountability of what your team is doing and how your strategy is progressing — online 24 x 7.
  • Link tasks and goals to custom Insights reports that match your metrics and objectives.
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