Last week, Finch attended Google's Partner Summit 2016, and our CEO, Bjorn Espenes, was also invited to attend Google's CEO Summit 2016. These invitations were offered to us because of Finch's stellar performance in the Google Partner Rewards program & a valued partnership with Google. It was held at GooglePlex, Google's Mountain View, California coveted location. Also attending we're the top Agency Partners from all over the world. There were around 950 people in attendance to the Partner Summit.

Their focus was on mobile and how it's changing the landscape of how people interact with online. Another focus was the new attribution models that Google has recently rolled out, and how to measure their outcomes. A third focus was sharing the explosive growth of video digitally. As an additional bonus, the CEOs received treasured time with product leaders and Google executives to better help the Partners grow through Google products. 

It was a unique opportunity for us to gather with our peers and Google leaders to discuss the future of advertising and how Google works with our valued Google Partners. Overall, Google and the Partner attendees were able to share with each other best practices and ideas how to better serve clients globally. looks like they had fun!

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