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  • 4 Reasons Why the PPC Management Click Funnel Strategy is a Lie

    Bjorn Espenes was recently featured as a guest blogger on Certified Knowledge, a website covering online marketing topics. Bjorn didn’t pull any punches when he wrote about the controversial topic of click funnels.

  • 5 Ways to Kill your Competition Using Google AdWords


    Last week Finch hosted a webinar on how to kill your competition using Google AdWords and we just published the recording. Head on over and check it out.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Paid Search Marketing

    Last week I delivered a keynote at Symposium Tokyo 2018 where I explained how new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are rapidly changing opportunities for paid search marketers. 

    Focused on trends in performance marketing, the symposium is an annual event hosted by Rakuten Linkshare, one of our largest global business partners. And by one of our largest, I mean Finch is Rakuten’s exclusive Search and Shopping partner for Google and Yahoo! Japan—a partnership that grew more than 1,000 percent in the past year alone.

  • Cracking Google's Black Box: Quality Score

    Google’s Quality Score is like the elusive Himalayan Ghost Cat, an animal very difficult to see, let alone capture. However, it's a very valuable measure of your AdWords health. If it's on, you'll reap the benefits of position and CTR. If it's off, so is your campaign...somewhere.

    To help look at this piece a little closer, Bjorn and Finch have teamed up with another industry leader, AdAlysis' Brad Geddes, to give a holistic view of Quality Score form both their unique perspectives. The webinar willbe live this coming Tuesday, January 17th at 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST. We'll host Q&A afterward so come with questions!

    The webinar has been shown but the recording is HERE.

    Read on for a blog that Brad has shared with us focused on projecting Quality Scores...

  • Eksklusivt Event : 2-3 Februar

















    Sådan virker Programmatic Advertising.

    Hvorfor bruge Finch til Google AdWords og hvordan kan det være så effektivt?


    Integration mellem søgeord og produktdatabase.

    Hvordan et fremragende KeyWord Feed bidrager til mere omsætning og mindre spild af dyrebare markedsføringskroner.


    AdWords annocering handler ikke om, at have det største budget, men den største profit, hvilket altid vinder i sidste ende!

    Skab den rette profit på din annoncering og slå konkurrenterne.






    Bjorn Espenes, CEO & Founder, Finch, LLC





    Finch CEO og international e-handelsekspert Bjørn Espenes gæster Danmark og vil fortælle hvordan Finch via Programmatic Advertising skaber profit til din online forretning.







    Du kan også møde Kim Bøgeskov Andersen der er den nye Finch Country Manager i Danmark. Kim har baggrund hos Google og besider en habil erfaring indenfor marketing.


    Kim Bøgeskov Andersen, Country Manager, Finch DK



    Skynd dig, vi har kun 20 ledige pladser







    Google AdWords




    Markedsdata og trends.

    Google præsentere interessante markedsdata og vigtige nye trends indenfor mobile enheder.

    Vigtigheden af mobile enheder.

    Salg via mobile enheder (mcommerce), er ikke længere fremtiden, det er en høj aktuel og ikke mindst dominerende platform, der kan være yderst kritisk, såfremt denne ikke tages højde for.

    Mobiloptimering til mobile enheder.

    Responsive design samt mobiltilpasset indhold er ikke kun forbeholdt websitet/webshoppen, men foregår også i dine Google AdWords kampagner, og gør en stor forskel, såfremt dette udnyttes korrekt.



    Abhilash Mohanty Agency Development Manager, SMB at Google





    Abshilash er en inkarneret Googler, der med sin erfaring fra både Google Irland, USA og Indien, er en ubestridt sværvægter indenfor AdWords.







    Daniel Bendix sidder ligeledes til daglig på Google’s Europæiske moderskib i Dublin og tager gerne en god snak i pausen, hvor du får hands-on point of view fra en inside.


    Daniel Bendix Account Strategist, Google









    Tilmelding på telefon:


    22 36 07 77


    Bemærk, at deltagelsen er GRATIS, men kræver du har en aktiv Google Adwords konto

    med minimum 1.000 DKK i daglig annoncebudget.



    Senest udmelding fredag d. 29/1.


  • Enable Revenue Growth Through Keyword Expansion

    Bjorn Espenes, CEO of Finch, recently did a joint webinar with SEMrush explaining how expanding your keyword bank can enable growth revenue if done the right way.  He talked about how many companies will experience growth stagnation in active keyword expansion of their AdWords account.  Here are 2 major challenges he addressed in expanding your keyword bank:

    • Determining which keywords to add (takes time)
    • Determining how much to pay per click for a new keywords (costs money)
  • Finch European Digital Breakfast and Tour

    European Finchers!

    Don't miss the opportunity to have your clients meet one-on-one with Finch's Co-Founder and CEO, Bjorn Espenes, as he takes Europe by storm late January through early February. He starts his meetings at the Oslo office then off to London and Dublin and wraps it up in Copenhagen with TWO Digital Breakfasts on Feb 2 and Feb 3. He will meet with the Google teams in both Dublin and Copenhagen.

    To attend the Digital Breakfast, please R.S.V.P. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    See you all soon!


  • Finch Recognized for Business Growth in Google's Economic Impact Report


    Salt Lake City-based Company Booms by Optimizing Google Tools for Clients


  • Finch VIP Summit - Google Dublin

    Recipe for Success: 

    •  10 companies hungry to grow and succeed online
    •  1 full Finch European Customer Success Team
    •  6 Google Dedicated Agency Support Team members from all over Europe
    •  1 US Google Business Development Manager
    •  11th floor of Google’s European Headquarters in Ireland
    •  1 gloriously sunny day with a perfect view of Dublin

    These were the ingredients for the first annual Finch VIP Summit. 

  • Finch zu Gast auf der Search Conference in München

    Am 10. November 2015 ist Finch zu Gast auf der Search Conference in München. Bjorn Espenes, Founder und CEO von Finch, geht in seinem Vortrag "Programmatic Advertising and you" auf die Vorteile der Automatisierung im Bereich Google AdWords ein. 

    Sollten Sie Interesse an verbilligten Tickets für die Veranstaltung haben, kommen Sie bitte auf uns zu. 

    Details zur Veranstaltung finden Sie unter:

    Ihr Finch Team



    Salt Lake City, UT – Jan 11, 2016


    The technology scene in Utah is growing at rapid speed. Many companies are going through hyper growth. Finch was the 4th fastest growing company in Utah in 2013 (Source: Inc 500). Salt Lake City is vibrant and rapidly attracting tech companies like Finch, LLC, a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company, who recently moved its international Headquarters to the new offices just off of Wilmington Avenue and 1300 East in Sugarhouse.

  • Google Partner Summit & CEO Summit 2016

    Last week, Finch attended Google's Partner Summit 2016, and our CEO, Bjorn Espenes, was also invited to attend Google's CEO Summit 2016. These invitations were offered to us because of Finch's stellar performance in the GooglePartner Rewards program & a valued partnership with Google.It was held at GooglePlex, Google's Mountain View, California coveted location. Also attending we're the top Agency Partners from all over the world. There were around 950 people in attendance to the Partner Summit.

  • Is AdWords Getting Too Expensive for SMBs?

    Bjorn Espenes was featured again as a guest blogger on Certified Knowledge, a website covering PPC and other online marketing topics. This time Bjorn talked about the rising cost of clicks and how they affect small-to-medium sized businesses.

  • Join us at SearchMetrics Visibility_14

    SearchMetrics, an SEO technology partner, is hosting Visibility_14 an SEO user and expert conference July 16-18th in Chicago. Industry experts from all over will be convening to discuss search trends, data and success stories. Our very own Bjorn Espenes will be joined by search experts from companies such as: Walgreens, CBS Interactive, GoDaddy, eBay and many more.

  • Mastering Attribution Modeling Webinar

    Your website was built to do one job: convert visitors to paying customers. Google's changes in attribution modeling allows digital marketers to determine the value of paths that lead to a conversion. By utilizing attribution correctly, you can get a much closer look at the kinds of marketing that your customers respond to, what this means to your marketing and how to best use each model based on your goals.

    As Bjorn said during the webinar, "...over the past year there have been more changes to attribution modeling and options than in the previous 10 years. This creates a lot of opportunities and also a lot of confusion..." We held this webinar to help increase education, diffuse confusion and get a good discussion going. 

  • PPC Masters interview with Bjorn Espenes: The future of programmatic technology for PPC

    This month, Finch’s CEO Bjorn Espenes is speaking at not one, but two, conferences in Germany focused on how programmatic technology is now making a huge impact now in Paid Search and Shopping.

    The first event is an eCommerce focused event, eCommerce Expo Berlin on Feb 2 at STATION Berlin. He will presenting at 13:10 on Stage D. Attendance is FREE so if you’re in the area and involved in eCommerce you should attend.

    The second event is PPC Masters on Feb 16 at Spreegalerie Alexanderplatz, is the “conference for everyone who deals with clicks” focused on SEA and AdWords. Bjorn speaks at 14:30 in Track 2.

    Susanne Schult-Pfau, a Team Leader with PPC Masters, interviewed Bjorn to get a better sense of his upcoming presentation. Read on. You can also read the interview in German here.

  • Quality Score Webinar

    Quality Score is Google's black box that no one truly understands. Luckily, Brad Geddes and Bjorn Espenes have years of experience with Google, between them have helped thousands of clients improve their AdWords campaigns. This webinar digs into the nitty gritty of how you can make changes to your campaigns to help influence Quality Score and some help understanding what it takes to increase it. (For a sneak peek at all the variables that impact your ad rank, Quality Score being one of them, check out the video at the 26:30 mark!)

    "In principle," Bjorn says, "this is how AdWords works: the higher the click through rate, the higher the Quality Score, the higher the ad rank. These three components are tied together tightly." What else does Quality Score impact? Something that hits pretty close to home: your budget. In this webinar these two gurus hash out fact versus fiction of Quality Score and show you a few tricks to improve yours!

  • Start 2014 With a Bang! We're Visiting a City Near You

    At Finch we’ve started 2014 off with a bang and we want to celebrate with you! Over the next 2 weeks our founder Bjorn Espenes will be hosting breakfast meetings with eCommerce companies across Europe and we invite you to join.

    After a successful Holiday season, new AdWords goals and objectives are now demanding attention. Google keeps making changes to AdWords and your competitors are breathing down your neck. 

    But we have good news! We continue to add new features and services targeted specifically for eCommerce companies, like yours. After working with hundreds of eCommerce companies, we know exactly how to help you get more profit and revenue. Let's talk about your new AdWords goals and how we can help you achieve them. 

  • Taking on the Paid Search Industry with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

    Let Finch be a disruptive innovation for your PPC bid managementHave you ever been doing a puzzle and been stuck -- and then someone else who’s never seen the puzzle walks up and puts a critical piece in place? In short, sometimes someone who has been looking at a problem too long can’t see the answer right in front of him.

    I’ve had a similar job role throughout my career but have changed industries several times. Sometimes it takes an industry outsider to look at a problem and ask, “Why are we doing it that way?”

    Just like trying to solve a puzzle the same way every time, I think industries get stuck in a rut thinking, “That’s how things are always done,” without taking a step back and asking, “Why are things done this way?” I can’t tell you the countless times that my teams have come up with a new product or service because we’ve challenged how things were traditionally done.

    Eric Maas and Bjorn Espenes are fairly new to paid search; starting Finch in 2009. But Finch is doing really well – in part because Finch is doing things really differently.

  • Technology Is About To Fix The Broken Paid Search Industry For Advertisers

    The paid search industry is riddled with broken promises. If you have hired an agency or an in-house search guru you have probably been burned; these people tend to promise the world but deliver very little. It seems there are unlimited promises made: we’ll give you amazing PPC exchange for an upfront fee, a fixed monthly price tag and a long-term contract, or a high fixed salary for an in-house guru. You, the Advertiser, takes all the risk while the hired agency or employee gets paid regardless of performance. A six month honeymoon to start going, another six months to start producing, stagnation sets in, the excuses come, then the relationship ends. A story I hear very often when I talk to advertisers.

    Why is this?  

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