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  • 5 Questions to Ask an Agency

    So you're thinking about hiring a PPC Agency or just renewing that contract you have had for the past year?

    Know the answers to these questions before signing on the dotted line.

  • 5 Things you Must Know for Magento Stores and Programmatic Advertising


    Almost every Magento store is using Google AdWords Search and Shopping as a channel to generate revenues. For many, this is their largest channel and represents a dominant part of their advertising budget. AdWords may be the largest sales channel on the planet and it is instant; buy a click right now and potentially get a sale. Changes made by Google over the past years represent massive opportunities for Magento store owners - yet hardly anyone takes advantage of this opportunity!

  • 5 Ways to Kill your Competition Using Google AdWords


    Last week Finch hosted a webinar on how to kill your competition using Google AdWords and we just published the recording. Head on over and check it out.

  • 8 Illegitimate Reasons for Discrepancies Between AdWords & Google Analytics Conversions - Part 2

    In the last blog, I talked about how a lot of marketers choose to integrate Google Analytics conversions into their AdWords accounts while keeping their AdWords conversion tracking in place and active. We frequently run across marketers using both tracking mechanisms who wonder why they are seeing different numbers from each.

    You should expect to see differences in the conversion numbers between the two tracking mechanisms. So how do you know if something is not working right in one or the other? Finch has run across a number of common illegitimate reasons for discrepancies between AdWords and integrated Google Analytics conversion numbers viewed in your AdWords conversions page. I described four of those illegitimate reasons in the last log. Below are four additional reasons.

  • Australian Moment Powered by Finch

    This week our Moment comes early...we're on Aussie time!

    Finchers travel far and wide to share our story, what we can do, and mostly how we've helped our clients increase revenue while reducing cost. Yesterday and today, our team is at the Internet Conference Gold Coast Conference & Exhibition Centre in Australia doing just that.

  • Bidding Engines vs. Traditional Search Agencies: A Story About Client Development

    When Eric Maas and I started Finch 4 years ago, we did it to fill a very specific need in the market. We had been running an eCommerce SaaS platform that had done over US$1 billion in sales for our 400 clients by managing multiple channels (website, eBay, Amazon, Google, Overstock,, BizRate, and many others). We did not do Google AdWords and attempted to partner with a number of agencies that specialized in PPC. It was a disaster every single time, because they did not understand the unique needs of our eCommerce clients.

    A failed attempt to acquire a PPC company eventually lead to the start of Finch; now focusing on solving the problems we had uncovered and experienced. We had limited knowledge of PPC at the time but knew a lot about eCommerce after living it for 10 years. We could clearly see why the traditional way of managing PPC for eCommerce by agencies was failing, and we believed we knew how to fix it.

  • Conversion Tracking with Multiple AdWords Accounts

    Many companies manage all of their Google AdWords advertising for a website within a single AdWords account for good reasons: This is generally required by Google, and it is generally simpler and more efficient than managing multiple accounts. However, Google will allow a company to run multiple AdWords accounts for the same website in certain circumstances, and we see it fairly frequently with our clients.

  • Conversion Tracking: How AdWords and Google Analytics Work Together

    Whether you are using a great PPC optimization solution like Finch or not, one thing that is absolutely essential to measure when doing online advertising is what revenue or value you are getting for the money you are spending. The most common way to do this is to implement some sort of conversion tracking on your website. In order to optimize our client’s accounts, Finch’s automated PPC tool looks at conversion tracking information from AdWords, including Google Analytics goals that are imported into AdWords.

  • Eksklusivt Event : 2-3 Februar

















    Sådan virker Programmatic Advertising.

    Hvorfor bruge Finch til Google AdWords og hvordan kan det være så effektivt?


    Integration mellem søgeord og produktdatabase.

    Hvordan et fremragende KeyWord Feed bidrager til mere omsætning og mindre spild af dyrebare markedsføringskroner.


    AdWords annocering handler ikke om, at have det største budget, men den største profit, hvilket altid vinder i sidste ende!

    Skab den rette profit på din annoncering og slå konkurrenterne.






    Bjorn Espenes, CEO & Founder, Finch, LLC





    Finch CEO og international e-handelsekspert Bjørn Espenes gæster Danmark og vil fortælle hvordan Finch via Programmatic Advertising skaber profit til din online forretning.







    Du kan også møde Kim Bøgeskov Andersen der er den nye Finch Country Manager i Danmark. Kim har baggrund hos Google og besider en habil erfaring indenfor marketing.


    Kim Bøgeskov Andersen, Country Manager, Finch DK



    Skynd dig, vi har kun 20 ledige pladser







    Google AdWords




    Markedsdata og trends.

    Google præsentere interessante markedsdata og vigtige nye trends indenfor mobile enheder.

    Vigtigheden af mobile enheder.

    Salg via mobile enheder (mcommerce), er ikke længere fremtiden, det er en høj aktuel og ikke mindst dominerende platform, der kan være yderst kritisk, såfremt denne ikke tages højde for.

    Mobiloptimering til mobile enheder.

    Responsive design samt mobiltilpasset indhold er ikke kun forbeholdt websitet/webshoppen, men foregår også i dine Google AdWords kampagner, og gør en stor forskel, såfremt dette udnyttes korrekt.



    Abhilash Mohanty Agency Development Manager, SMB at Google





    Abshilash er en inkarneret Googler, der med sin erfaring fra både Google Irland, USA og Indien, er en ubestridt sværvægter indenfor AdWords.







    Daniel Bendix sidder ligeledes til daglig på Google’s Europæiske moderskib i Dublin og tager gerne en god snak i pausen, hvor du får hands-on point of view fra en inside.


    Daniel Bendix Account Strategist, Google









    Tilmelding på telefon:


    22 36 07 77


    Bemærk, at deltagelsen er GRATIS, men kræver du har en aktiv Google Adwords konto

    med minimum 1.000 DKK i daglig annoncebudget.



    Senest udmelding fredag d. 29/1.


  • Finch Awarded Google’s Premier Partner Badge

    Here at Finch, we are  so excited to announce that we earned the new Premier Google Partner badge! 

    What exactly is the significance of this badge? The Premier Google Partner badge distinguishes top agencies who have a solid track record managing significant AdWords investments for their clients while focusing on client growth. This makes it easier for Advertisers to identify Partners with experience managing large and complex campaigns like Finch does. 

  • Finch erhält den Premier Partner Badge von Google


    Wir freuen uns sehr mitteilen zu können, dass wir uns den neuen Google Premier Partner Badge verdient haben!

    Aber was genau verbirgt sich hinter dem neuen Badge? Er unterscheidet Top-Agenturen, die AdWords-Konten mit signifikantem Volumen managen und dabei auf das Wachstum ihrer Kunden fokussiert sind. Das macht es für Werbetreibende einfacher den richtigen Google Partner zu finden, der große und komplexe AdWords-Konten managen kann, so wie Finch es tut.

    Folgende Anforderungen mussten für den Premier Status erfüllt werden:

    1. Ein komplettes Google Partner Firmenprofil

    Da Finch bereits seit vielen Jahren Google Partner ist, war das einfach.

    2. Bestehen der AdWords-Zertifizierungen im Google Partner Programm

    Google fordert die Zertifizierung von mindestens 2 Mitarbeitern. Bei Finch ist es eine Top-Priorität für Mitarbeiter, die Google Zertifizierungen zu erreichen. Über 90% aller Finch Mitarbeiter weltweit sind zertifiziert. Um es genau zu nehmen, haben die meisten unserer Mitarbeiter sogar mindestens jeweils 2 Zertifikate.

    3. Die Performance der Agentur in Bezug auf Wachstum ihrer Kunden

    Dies ist für uns die wichtigste Anforderung, und unsere Kunden bestätigen: Unser Fokus liegt zu 100% auf ihrem WACHSTUM! Um näheres dazu zu erfahren testen Sie unseren kostenlosen AdWords Audit. 

    Hier ein kurzer Auszug aus einem Intrerview von Ben Wood, Channel Director bei Google mit Search Engine Land

    “...In order to achieve Premier Partner status companies must jump over a number of hurdles. They must subject themselves to vetting and scrutiny by Google, including training and testing. Google monitors and instructs them on product and sales positioning. Google also requires them to do customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that their SMB customers are having a good experience. Google will also receive and investigate complaints associated with the program and these partners.In exchange they get a great deal more support from Google. [We] will also will be doing promotion and certain other types of marketing and lead-gen on their behalf.”

    Aber was bedeutet das für Finch-Kunden?

    Das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen von Google zeigt unseren Kunden, dass wir sehr gut sind in dem, was wir tun - die AdWords-Performance unserer Kunden nachhaltig zu verbessern. Des Weiteren werden unsere Mitarbeiter zu Google Business Meetings und jährlichen Google Partner Summits eingeladen. Beide Meetings geben Finch Mitarbeitern die Möglichkeit, Informationen über die Weiterentwicklungen der Google Produkte zu erfahren. Somit bekommen Sie als Finch Kunde diese Neuigkeiten aus erster Hand und könnten an Google’s Beta Programmen teilnehmen, um von den Weiterentwicklungen in AdWords zu profitieren.


    Das europäische Sales Team von Finch zu Gast bei Google in Dublin.

    Google wird in Zukunft sog. Agentur-Spezialgebiete einführen, die es Werbetreibenenden noch einfacher machen sollen, die passende Agentur zu finden. Die Spezialgebiete sind unterteilt in Suche, Shopping, Display, Mobile und Video. Finch ist auf auf die Google Suche, Google Shopping und Mobile spezialisiert. Das gesamte Finch Team freut sich über die Ernennung zum Premier Partner. Halten Sie daher Ausschau nach dem neuen Badge!

  • Finch Now Optimizes Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

    The older, free Google Shopping ads is being replaced by new Product Listing Ads. While Google Shopping was a free listing service, PLAs are a paid service; however, now PLAs get premium placement on the search results page. PLAs complement text ads, but don’t replace them.

  • Finch Recognized for Business Growth in Google's Economic Impact Report


    Salt Lake City-based Company Booms by Optimizing Google Tools for Clients


  • Finch takes Digicon

    Digicon 2017- Phillipines

    Finch APAC will be exhibiting at Digicon 2017

     Where? Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

     When? October 11 - October 13.

     Register here 


  • Finch’s Cost per Value is Superior – Even for Acquiring Leads.

    Cost per Value is superior - even for leadsCost per Acquisition has its place; specifically when every conversion has the same value to you. But how often does this really happen in the real world? Practically never!

    The most common application for CPA is for customers who are trying to gain leads. So you should determine if every lead has the same value for your company.



    Salt Lake City, UT – Jan 11, 2016


    The technology scene in Utah is growing at rapid speed. Many companies are going through hyper growth. Finch was the 4th fastest growing company in Utah in 2013 (Source: Inc 500). Salt Lake City is vibrant and rapidly attracting tech companies like Finch, LLC, a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company, who recently moved its international Headquarters to the new offices just off of Wilmington Avenue and 1300 East in Sugarhouse.

  • Google AdWords - Enhanced Campaigns

    A few weeks ago there was a lot of press written on the new Google’s new Enhanced campaigns, however in most cases, Finch feels that there is no urgency for taking any specific action now.

  • Google Partner Summit & CEO Summit 2016

    Last week, Finch attended Google's Partner Summit 2016, and our CEO, Bjorn Espenes, was also invited to attend Google's CEO Summit 2016. These invitations were offered to us because of Finch's stellar performance in the GooglePartner Rewards program & a valued partnership with Google.It was held at GooglePlex, Google's Mountain View, California coveted location. Also attending we're the top Agency Partners from all over the world. There were around 950 people in attendance to the Partner Summit.

  • Google Premier Partner Award Case Study: Finch

    Last year's Premier Partner Awards for best
    Shopping campaign was won by Finch.

    Finch was founded on a simple, yet seemingly impossible, proposition: to help advertisers predict the profit of each click before buying it. Based in the US, the business has over 300 clients around the world - and teams across Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. 

    Finch’s award entry described how they helped e-Commerce bathroom furnishing and fixture business, Neuesbad Handels GmbH, with its search and shopping campaigns. As a growing business, Neuesbad had always wanted to expand its keyword coverage but struggled to find a way of doing it while keeping costs down. With over 200,000 products offered, they needed a systematic solution, and Finch was happy to oblige. 



    Der letztjährige Premier Partner Award für die beste Shopping Kampagne ging an Finch.


    Finch wurde gegründet, um für Werbetreibende ein unmögliches Vorhaben möglich zu machen: Den Gewinn eines Klicks vorherzusagen, bevor er tatsächlich passiert. Ansässig in den USA hat das Unternehmen über 300 Kunden auf der ganzen Welt – sowie Teams in Europa, Asien, Australien und Südamerika.


    Der Beitrag von Finch für die Google Premier Partner Awards zeigt, wie die Agentur es geschafft hat, die Performance der  Search- und Shopping-Kampagnen des e-Commerce-BadausstatterNeuesbad Handels GmbH nachhaltig zu steigern. Als wachsendes Unternehmen wollte Neuesbad sein Keyword-Set vergrößern, stand jedoch vor der Herausforderung, die Kosten gleichzeitig niedrig zu halten. Mit über 200.000 angebotenen Produkten war eine systematische Lösung notwendig. Finch hat sich als der richtige Partner für dieses Vorhaben erwiesen.


    Der Schlüssel für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung lag in der einzigartigen, programmatischen Technologie von Finch. Diese hat an drei verschiedenen Hebeln angesetzt. Durch das “Predictive Bidding”-Verfahren konnte der potenzielle ROI für künftige Klicks vor dem eigentlichen Gebotsverfahren ermittelt werden. Darüber hinaus hat Finch die  “Dynamic Search Term Insertion” (DSTI) sowie Remarketing-Listen (RLSA) implementiert. Mit diesen Maßnahmen erhöhte sich der Gewinn von Neuesbad um 67 Prozent – bei einer gleichzeitigen Kostensenkung um fast 11 Prozent!

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