Jason Lowry

  • 5 Steps to Strengthen Lead Quality and Boost Volume

    Finch has a few types of clients that work very well with our technology and approach. One of those types of clients are those looking to generate more leads for their business. Unfortunately, 30-50% of leads generated by marketing efforts are junk leads. No good, worthless leads.

    Our COO, Jason Lowry and Google’s Account Development Manager Leslie Wright, discussed how to tackle this problem while attracting better, higher quality leads at Google’s Mountain View, CA studio.

  • Google Partner Summit & CEO Summit 2016

    Last week, Finch attended Google's Partner Summit 2016, and our CEO, Bjorn Espenes, was also invited to attend Google's CEO Summit 2016. These invitations were offered to us because of Finch's stellar performance in the GooglePartner Rewards program & a valued partnership with Google.It was held at GooglePlex, Google's Mountain View, California coveted location. Also attending we're the top Agency Partners from all over the world. There were around 950 people in attendance to the Partner Summit.

  • Huhut tarkan haun kuolemasta ovat liioiteltuja

    Googlen ilmoitti äskettäin AdWordsin tarkan haun muutoksista ja jätti hakukonemainonnan tekijät ihmettelemään mitä tämä tarkoittaa käytännössä tilien tuloksille.  

    Lyhyesti sanottuna tarkan haun muutos tarkoittaa seuraavaa: jos Googlen mielestä hakusanalla on sama merkitys kuin tilin tarkan haun avainsanassa, silloin Google pitää sitä tarkkana hakuna. Googlen esimerkki on, että ”juoksukengät” tai ”kengät juoksemiseen” ovat merkitykseltään samat ja siksi niitä käsitellään samalla tavalla.

  • Is Exact Match Dead?

    Google’s recent AdWords announcement about exact match left marketers in fear for their accounts. 

    In short, the change to exact match means if Google feels that the search term has the same meaning as an exact match keyword then it will treat it as an exact match. Google’s example is that “running shoes” or “shoes for running” have the same meaning and are therefore the same term.

  • What is a Fincher?

    Finch doesn’t leave it all to technology; our foundation is based on having an amazing team of experts that is coupled with the most innovative automated technology that paid search and shopping have ever seen. Our team moves fast, is knowledgeable, and is relentlessly focused on maximizing growth for our clients everyday. Our CEO Bjorn Espenes believes people should have fun while succeeding at work, but in order for this to happen, we first need to be successful at work with a common goal at the front of our minds and culture. The leadership at Finch has created high standards for hiring the best people, training them well and keeping those people very happy.

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