The worst thing you can do in advertising is waste your money.

It seems simple but back in the days where billboards, newspapers and TV advertising were the only options, figuring out which advertising dollars were put to good use was no simple matter. Even more difficult was to figure out ROI from the money spent.

Finch has a few types of clients that work very well with our technology and approach. One of those types of clients are those looking to generate more leads for their business. Unfortunately, 30-50% of leads generated by marketing efforts are junk leads. No good, worthless leads.

Our COO, Jason Lowry and Google’s Account Development Manager Leslie Wright, discussed how to tackle this problem while attracting better, higher quality leads at Google’s Mountain View, CA studio.

This month, Finch’s CEO Bjorn Espenes is speaking at not one, but two, conferences in Germany focused on how programmatic technology is now making a huge impact now in Paid Search and Shopping.

The first event is an eCommerce focused event, eCommerce Expo Berlin on Feb 2 at STATION Berlin. He will presenting at 13:10 on Stage D. Attendance is FREE so if you’re in the area and involved in eCommerce you should attend.

The second event is PPC Masters on Feb 16 at Spreegalerie Alexanderplatz, is the “conference for everyone who deals with clicks” focused on SEA and AdWords. Bjorn speaks at 14:30 in Track 2.

Susanne Schult-Pfau, a Team Leader with PPC Masters, interviewed Bjorn to get a better sense of his upcoming presentation. Read on. You can also read the interview in German here.

Programmatic has historically been used for display advertising and defined as using software to buy clicks from the advertising platform (i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.).  It is about putting the right message in front of the right buyer at the right time; finding that moment increases relevance for the buyer and increases efficiency for the advertiser. That very same approach works at least as well for Search and Shopping campaigns.

Google’s Quality Score is like the elusive Himalayan Ghost Cat, an animal very difficult to see, let alone capture. However, it's a very valuable measure of your AdWords health. If it's on, you'll reap the benefits of position and CTR. If it's off, so is your campaign...somewhere.

To help look at this piece a little closer, Bjorn and Finch have teamed up with another industry leader, AdAlysis' Brad Geddes, to give a holistic view of Quality Score form both their unique perspectives. The webinar will be live this coming Tuesday, January 17th at 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST. We'll host Q&A afterward so come with questions!


Read on for a blog that Brad has shared with us focused on projecting Quality Scores...