Finch doesn’t leave it all to technology; our foundation is based on having an amazing team of experts that is coupled with the most innovative automated technology that paid search and shopping have ever seen. Our team moves fast, is knowledgeable, and is relentlessly focused on maximizing growth for our clients everyday. Our CEO Bjorn Espenes believes people should have fun while succeeding at work, but in order for this to happen, we first need to be successful at work with a common goal at the front of our minds and culture. The leadership at Finch has created high standards for hiring the best people, training them well and keeping those people very happy.

At Finch, we are a global team and we call ourselves “Finchers.” A Fincher embodies the following traits: they are motivated, driven, ambitious, assertive, and smart. They take initiative, are confident, challenge-driven and always operate with urgency. As a company, we also feel very strongly about hiring talented people and enabling them to find out how they can contribute in the most meaningful way to company goals.

This translates into an environment where ideas are always heard (not all are acted upon, but the good ones are!), and people are encouraged to find possible gaps in our business, come up with a plan, and JFDI (humor us, you’ll understand in a moment).  This startup/entrepreneurial mindset is one of the things that allows us to stay agile and meet the needs of the market quickly.What is JFDI, you ask? It’s the Finch mantra: Just F***ing Do It!

It shows up everywhere:

Even with an amazing internal culture, hiring can be a challenge. How do we find the best of the best? Besides skill level and achievements, how do you find the RIGHT people to hire? Finch’s COO Jason Lowry promotes an internal hiring strategy by forcing a few questions outside of vetting skill set and ability:

  1. Do we want to work with this person?
  2. Are they a Fincher?
  3. Are they trainable?

This has proven to be an exceptional litmus test for hiring great employees and has not failed him yet. (Okay...it failed him once, but that’s another story.)

Ultimately, we only hire people we want to be around. It sounds so simple but so many times people hire based on skill alone. Skill can be taught; personality can’t. (Sir Richard Branson wrote an interesting article about his methodology for hiring, which is similar to ours; we definitely recommend you read it if you’re considering working with us!)

Finch is always looking for more to join our growing team! Feel free to take a look at our careers page. Do you feel like you fit the Fincher description but don’t see something available that you think you can do? Email us your This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anyway! We’d love to chat with you about opportunities.