Finch has a few types of clients that work very well with our technology and approach. One of those types of clients are those looking to generate more leads for their business. Unfortunately, 30-50% of leads generated by marketing efforts are junk leads. No good, worthless leads.

Our COO, Jason Lowry and Google’s Account Development Manager Leslie Wright, discussed how to tackle this problem while attracting better, higher quality leads at Google’s Mountain View, CA studio.

Part of the solution is tightening keywords and campaigns. But by tightening things up, you may inadvertently turn away some good leads. There’s a much larger vision that can help you generate better leads. In this video, Jason focuses on the “5 Steps to Strengthen Lead Quality and Boost Volume.” In the first step he covers tracking the right metric. Using self selection can help you get there, a fairly simple way to manage leads using short forms. The second step is to leverage the data you already have in your CRM for better AdWords performance. Step three is to start optimizing for those leads first by thinking about the value of the lead a little differently. Once they have a value associated, similar to a product in a shopping cart, you can make a decision about how much you want to pay for the associated keyword. Fourth, is having a strategy to influence Google’s Quality Score. Even though Quality Score is somewhat elusive, we do know a large portion of it is contributed by click through rate (CTR). The best way to influence CTR is to use an Exact Match strategy. The last step is simply to start thinking programmatically. The management of AdWords is so complex - it’s no longer manageable using humans or simple tools. These days, we need technology to help build, organize and manage the complexity. The programmatic approach is an amazing resource when trying to generate more quality leads. 

Watch the video here to get a lot more detail and some great examples of how it works. Enjoy!