Outsourcing your PPC Campaign ManagementA lot has been written about outsourcing. For most people, it conjures up images of speaking to an airline agent who is located in Manila or having software developed in New Delhi. I think that outsourcing is more about focusing on what your business does best and paying someone else to take care of the other things.


Let me start with some case studies:


  1. As a long time professional in the software industry, I typically do “build versus buy” research when investigating software components. Most of the time it comes down to one question: “Is the intellectual property of this component critical to our business?” If it is, then you better build it. If it’s not, chances are you can find something that will work better than if you build it and will cost less. For example, if we build a dashboard in an application, the data and business intelligence are critical to our business, but the graphing and charting libraries are not. If our engineering team focuses on building graphing and charting libraries, the libraries will never be as good as some that I could buy off the shelf now - and the team won’t have time to focus on our core business goals.
  2. At Finch we regularly have graphic design needs. We do illustrations, documents, videos, and other graphic media, but we do not have a full time graphic designer. We outsource to 3 different teams (one of which is in Indonesia) depending on what we are doing. Although the per hour cost may be slightly higher, this ends up costing us much less than having a full time designer. Plus we can route work depending on the team’s specialty.

What’s my point in telling you this?

It’s time to outsource the most demanding part of your PPC campaign management - the tedious part! Simply put, Finch can do the quantitative portion better, faster, and cheaper than what your in-house team can do. We’re not trying to replace your in-house team, just help them be much more efficient and help them focus more on what matters: Growing your Business!

Also, with Finch it is easy to get started, we’re easy to work with, and we can start optimizing your campaigns usually within 1-2 days.