I think the primary difference between Finch and most other tools is just that; they are tools that somebody has to learn. In the hands of someone skillful, they can be very powerful. However, we find that for SMB businesses - especially eCommerce - they don't have the time nor want to make the effort on learning a new tool and will never have the time to master it. Finch doesn’t require you to master a new tool, and our automated approach will save you time.


As an example, I’m sharing some selected material from the 2012 edition of a very reputable publisher’s PPC Technology Buyer’s Guide. As this material is copyrighted, I’ve recreated the chart below for illustrative purposes and won’t use the company’s actual names.

In the guide, they answer the question “What type of technology are you?” with each company placed on the matrix, as shown below:

The Competition

You'll see that for Company K training is essential in order to use their tool. For Company M, manual intervention is required. Furthermore, both of them answered that they are moving towards less training and more automation.

Why is there such a push towards more automation? It’s because of the massive amount of data that have to be collected and calculated daily. It’s because automation is less error prone and less emotional than humans. Using a tool that requires training means someone in your organization has to be a master of that tool. What happens when that person is busy, sick, on vacation, or leaves to work for your competitor?

Finch is different in that we're a service that you sign up for, and it "just happens" -- typically launching clients in 1-2 business days.

Finch vs the Competition

Adding Finch to the same matrix, you see that we are already in the bottom-left square where minimal training is required, and we're already fully automated. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post talking about how many PPC tools have hundreds of buttons, knobs, dials and options in order to maximize your results. Finch has two options: The cost goal (the amount you're willing to spend to make a sale) and budget (which is set in Google). Before launching, you also have a choice of CPA, CPV (optimize for revenue), and now CPP (optimize for Profit or another KPI). It's perfect for in-house teams who have been successfully managing their account but want to improve without starting over by learning a new tool.

Finch is far more automated, from on-ramping to account management, than our competition, therefore we provide our software as a managed service where we are accountable for the results! Get an idea of Finch’s speed and power by signing up for your own free AdWords audit from Finch.