We are in the business of offering solutions to companies spending a good portion of their online advertising budget on Google AdWords. Those that we are selling to are faced with the fear of failure: What if it does not work? What if the optimization and AdWords performance does not improve? A common follow-up question is: Do I have to pay if it does not work? This is the thought-process that a prospect is going through prior to committing to work with us; internalization of risk. It is normal!


We understand the risk a prospect is going through. Lots of vendors are saying the same stuff; making promises and guarantees; doing what is needed to close the deal. Even their web sites tell the same story!

If what we do does not work, the prospect could have a lot bigger problems than having to pay us! What if the account tanks? A new vendor could destroy an account very quickly and leave a train wreck of a mess to clean up. How do you avoid this?

Finch does a number of things to try and mitigate the risk to our clients:

  • We build new campaigns - We pause your existing campaigns. If it doesn’t work out with Finch, you simply start yours again. Your paused campaigns didn’t get clicks, so your quality score and CTR stayed the same.
  • The data is yours - We manage your account entirely through the AdWords API. Some companies store the data in a proprietary system and don’t let you have access to it.
  • You manage the budget - We never change the budget settings in Google, so you always are in control of your daily spend. We may make recommendations, but we never change it.
  • No setup fee - You may not be confident in Finch yet, but after you get your personalized Audit, we’ll be confident if we can help you or not. We pay all the upfront costs.
  • No long-term contract - We’re confident in our approach and the performance we can offer you. If you don’t like the results you’re seeing, then you can discontinue our service at any time.

We are trying to close deals too, don’t get me wrong. Our approach is not by promises and guarantees, but by education and explanation. We do an upfront audit so that the prospect will know everything we will do before we touch their account; they will know why we will make those changes, and it will give them a self-assessed idea of what the impact will be. We are as transparent as transparent can be, because when you have an offering that goes across industry standards, you need to educate vs. sell harder.

Now go do a free audit at www.finch.com to see what we can do for your AdWords optimization!