Me: How is business?

Merchant: Great, it is the holiday season and business is up!

Me: Great, are you making money?

Merchant: Yes, revenues are up almost 20% over last year.

Me: From PPC?

Merchant: No, overall.

Me: Great, what about paid search sourced revenues?

Merchant: It is up too!

Me: By how much?

Merchant: About the same as the other channels.

Me: Here we go again :)

Measure the exact return on the money you invest in PPC!!

Whether you use Google Conversion Tracking or Google Analytics (always use one of the two to have a 2nd data set), it is easy to link your ad spend to your ad revenues. Even better yet, link it to your profits! If you are spending money to drive online sales without key knowledge, how do you know what to do to improve your results? It is easy and fast, yet most don't do it.

I have spoken with hundreds of online businesses over the past few years, and there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me: The amount of money people spend on advertising costs without knowing what they get in return. The key here is advertising! If done right, online advertising should not be advertising costs, but advertising commission! If you are still operating with the view that advertising is a cost or expense, it is time to figure out what applied data analytics can do to drive your profitability and revenue growth at the same time. Real-time, applied analytics plugged into your online advertising program is a game changer. Will it change yours?