It’s not everyday I get this in my inbox:

That’s because Google doesn't host awards for their top agencies everyday.

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic PPC landscape it is not only less efficient to manually optimize campaigns but in most cases impossible when it comes to campaigns with thousands of keywords and ad groups.  Technology is needed to boost PPC to achieve maximum performance. Below are a few ways that utilizing Finch’s  technology can improve your PPC channel through automation. 

Recently, Finch won the Google Shopping Performance Award for the great results from their PPC shopping program. Highlighted here is SimpleTire, another PPC shopping case study. This case study was created to show the benefits of partnering with an AdWords agency that offers programmatic technology coupled with the expertise of an AdWords Certified Customer Success Manager. This study presents the paid shopping challenges of a US eCommerce company, SimpleTire, a tire retailer who uses data and technology to aggregate tire inventory, for every type of vehicle, from many suppliers across the United States. 



AdWords Profit Optimization

Here at Finch, we are constantly beating the drum of optimizing a paid search campaign for the right metrics. Given the improvements that have been made to conversion tracking and analytics over the past several years, it’s amazing how many people we talk with who are still optimizing in ways that are virtually guaranteed to deliver sub-par results; and by sub-par I mean limiting the total amount of profit that a campaign could otherwise achieve.

The weather’s finally heating up (here in Utah finally!), with that comes summer travel plans. Google research found that six in ten people considering a summer trip were already conducting research in February, yet 46% had not yet decided on their destination.

If you think about the incredible amount of data Google collects every time someone types something into the search box, advertisers are now able to influence a consumer’s summer travel plans in real time using programmatic technology.  

For example: If you own a local snorkel shop and summer season is coming up, how do you compete with the other shops in town? According to Google:

85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at the destination.1