Finch Wins Utah's Best Companies To Work For

Finch was recently honored as one of Utah Business magazine’s 2018 Best Companies To Work For! A Best Company is one that has discovered and implemented strategies that recognize talent and achievement, keeping employee turnover low and satisfaction high. Policies, benefits, communication, and equality all play a part in a Best Company’s makeup. This opportunity helps businesses and employers learn how they rank against other Utah companies, based on the vote of their employees. 

Bereits zum zweiten Mal in Folge erhält die Agentur bedeutende Google-Auszeichnung 

Google verdient Geld, viel Geld. Dabei stellen die bezahlten Suchanzeigen, Google AdWords, die wichtigste Einnahmequelle des Konzerns dar. Aus Unternehmenssicht kommt man an Google kaum vorbei, wenn man seine Produkte oder Dienstleistungen im Internet anbieten möchte. Daher bemühen sich unzählige Agenturen weltweit um einen möglichst effizienten Einsatz des Google-Budgets.

Finch Gets First Place for Paid Search at North American Premier Partner Awards

Salt Lake City, UTAH – August 8, 2017

Finch has won a major Google Premier Partners Award for Search Innovation 2017. Google created the The Premier Partners Awards to celebrate innovation and success in digital marketing. This comes after Finch won last year’s award for Google EMEA’s Best Shopping Performance of 2016.

It’s not everyday I get this in my inbox:

That’s because Google doesn't host awards for their top agencies everyday.

The paid search industry is riddled with broken promises. If you have hired an agency or an in-house search guru you have probably been burned; these people tend to promise the world but deliver very little.  It seems there are unlimited promises made: we’ll give you amazing PPC performance...in exchange for an upfront fee, a fixed monthly price tag and a long-term contract, or a high fixed salary for an in-house guru.  You, the Advertiser, takes all the risk while the hired agency or employee gets paid regardless of performance. A six month honeymoon to start going, another six months to start producing, stagnation sets in, the excuses come, then the relationship ends. A story I hear very often when I talk to advertisers.

Why is this?