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Profit Driven Advertising

Case Studies

Here's how Finch has helped clients globally accomplish their paid search goals though these real-world experiences.
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Cost of sales so high they were unprofitable. YoY revenue increased +514% and CPV decreased -61.6%
Goal to garner more leads through AdWords. Consolidation of campaigns produced +381% in revenue with a decreased cost of sales of -76%.
Improved mobile shopping revenues +277% while costs decreased -22%.
Programmatic advertising produced growth in revenue +280% and lowered costs by -10% with search and shoping in multiple markets.
Expanded keyword coverage and saved time within a volatile 20,000 item product feed. Revenue increased +78.52% and cost reduced -22.40%.
Unprofitable underwear arm of the company. Programmatic advertising increased daily profit by +157.14% and kept ROAS steady.
Exact match strategy to improve non-brand keywords. Revenue increase +7,063%, held costs stable and maintained brand stability.

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