Why Multi-Channel Automation Is More Important Than Multi-Channel Attribution
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Multi-channel optimization is both great and limiting. For instance, if you optimize your paid search, display, and paid social, you’ll see results. Especially if you hire an expert team of consummate professionals who optimize your strategy to the Nth degree. Marketing experts who focus on single-channel optimization see lower costs, channel dominance, and more conversions.

However, at some point, scaling has its inevitable ceiling. You can only hire so many of the best people to do excellent work. Hence, the importance of automation. With machine learning algorithms and AI, you can power your paid media beyond human capabilities. Forget about missing opportunities. Automation technology identifies every available opportunity for your business. Additionally, you can automate all channels. However, many businesses find their (limited) success by optimizing single channels and letting experts of said field take the credit.

So why focus on a single channel if you have a larger budget? Multi-channel marketing wins three times as much business as single-channel marketing. In fact, most who utilize this tactic see an average of 30% increase in ROI. But strictly doing multi-channel optimization isn’t the full answer, either. Once you automate your multi-channel approach then you can really scale. In fact, one of our clients experienced a 440% increase in conversions due to platform automation!

So why is automation more important than attribution? Because automation allows your campaigns to become independent from having to choose among attribution models. In automation, it happens instantly. For instance, automation allows you to focus on driving strategy and vision for your campaigns. As opposed to squandering over how to divvy up attribution among your marketing team, you can feel confident in the fact that your marketing is working. And isn’t that the main goal?

The key takeaway: with powerful data insights, automation replaces the focus and worry over both optimization and attribution. You know that each minor data point is optimized toward your campaign’s success–without manual intervention. With automation, you cover every angle, optimize on the keyword level, and scale to a level that (before) wasn’t humanly possible. Automation not only optimizes your campaigns for success, but it also replaces the need to spend so much of your focus on multi-channel attribution. As your campaigns become more powerful with automation, you can dedicate your energy on strategy, spend, and taking your initiatives into a new direction.

Don’t get me wrong: attribution will always be an important part of knowing where each marketing dollar is spent. But imagine if you could visualize and understand it with the click of a button. Here’s a hint: you can.

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