One of the most important elements for growth and high productivity from your paid search account though is keyword expansion. We have a popular saying at Finch: “if you don’t change the input, you can’t expect a different output.” Things have to change and evolve to get better. Similarly, if you never expand your keyword base, you can’t possibly expect to get very much growth out of your account.

The old tried and true manual method of conducting keyword research, determining what is relevant, if the competitiveness fits into your cost targets, writing ads, and launching still works great. What works exponentially better is coupling that with a technology that can also programmatically expand your campaigns.

Finch’s software has an aspect we call DSTI, Dynamic Search Term Insertion. Not only are we expanding your keywords with this function, we are also positively affecting Quality Score. While we don’t have Google’s entire secret algorithm for determining Quality Score, we do know a higher click-through-rate (CTR) leads to a higher Quality Score. How do you get a higher CTR? Add more exact match keywords. But how do you know which ones to add?

Every night our Finch software crawls the search terms. Any keywords that converted off a broad, phrase, or broad modified keyword, our system creates a new exact match ad group with that keyword. (At Finch, we only have one keyword per ad group, you can read about the benefits in this blog). It then cross negatives out that new exact match from the ad group it originally came from. What’s the point in this you ask? Well, the next time that specific search term comes around, Google won’t be allowed to choose which match type to serve…typically broad matches are more expensive. The exact match keyword will be forced to serve, producing a higher CTR, and ultimately helping the health of the account.

Never settle. You should constantly be pushing for growth within your paid search account. The best way to do that is by combining human manpower, with an effective, efficient technology.