New Finch Release – February 2022
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We’re Evolving Again!

Our dev team has been hard at work making the latest update to the Finch Platform a reality. Over the last year, our tireless coders have moved us giant evolutionary steps forward. We’ve updated our data and dashboard integration, enhanced campaign tracking and planning capabilities, made team productivity even easier with improved collaboration tools, and continually adapted our UX for peak usability – and we’re at it again.

We approach our platform updates like our client growth strategies: we follow the wins, stay ahead of the trends, and turn client feedback into the next generation of Finch software.


What’s New in the Finch Platform?


Google Analytics: The Finch platform can now display Google Analytics data, once access is given. Analyze and take action on organic traffic details right from your Finch Dashboard


Timeline 2.0 (Beta): You can now monitor high-level progress with Finch’s customizable Timeline 2.0 which allows users to customize timeline views and track the objectives and events that will lead to successful growth.


Toolbar (Beta): Finch’s latest Toolbar (Beta) allows users to take action quickly within the platform. Now, actions such as “Create New”, “Open”, “Save”, and “Edit” are immediately available


Recently Viewed Items: Finch’s latest release makes jumping back into tasks even easier with “Recently View Items.” You can now quickly pick up where you left off with goals, events, reports, etc.


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