Especially in eCommerce, digital advertising is getting increasingly complex with numerous SKUs on multiple ad platforms. In this competitive environment it’s crucial to use data to drive decisions about products and inventory. The more granular the data, the better. However, advertising platforms often do not provide access to this information. If you as an eCommerce seller are facing the same challenges, Finch’s Insights reporting engine offers some unique reports that we think you’ll love. 

One of the features from Finch’s Insight report is allowing sellers to drill into product performance based on top product attributes like category, product type, price tier, brand, availability, and more. We call this feature “Group By, Drill Down” and it’s available on all shopping platforms including Amazon Advertising, Google Shopping, and Bing Shopping.

There are many ways to group data. For example, report on anything with a specific label applied. Different campaign types have different options:

  • Group Shopping campaigns by product attributes like ad group label, brand, category, price range, product type, or custom label.
  • Amazon campaigns add extra group by options for serving status, SKU or title (for product variants)
  • Group Search Queries to see which products are being selected – great for controlling which products are being advertised.
  • Group Search campaigns by ad group label, keyword status, match type, or origin type (where the keyword came from).

After using the “Group By” option, then the real fun starts! You now have the option to drill into each Group to see the keywords or products. For example, in a Shopping Campaign, you can “Group By” using “Price Tier.” Drilling into each tier opens a new reporting tab with the products in that tier. Top and bottom performers in each tier are easily identified.

Finch clients who are using Insights with Amazon are calling it “Amazon’s missing reporting”. As an example, Amazon does not offer a full report on “Buy Box” status, but Finch Insights Reporting shows the products that lost the Buy Box during a time period, as well as the lost revenue. With the insights in this report you can now easily identify products to focus on in order to win the Buy Box.












These types of eCommerce specific reports are available now for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Amazon Ads exclusively through Finch’s Insights reporting.

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