Finch, A.I., and the future of digital advertising
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I recently joined Finch as the Vice President of Marketing.  Having come from a strong technological background I always look to join companies that not only provide a superior product but commit themselves to making changes to the product whenever new needs arise.  Finch was just that company!

Since 2009, Finch’s thought leadership has allowed our customers to adapt to programmatic paid search, data driven decisions, and most recently A.I.  At Finch, A.I. paid search has been the topic since 2012 (literally it was 2012, I’m not just saying that!  Check out this blog post we wrote back then…I couldn’t fake it if I tried), we’re glad that in 2018 the market is catching up and finally starting to take notice.

With years of experience under our belt on a topic others are just finding out about, it’s no wonder we drive amazing results for our customers.  What can we do for you?

Let’s adapt together,

Tomas Ratto

VP of Marketing


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