The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

Six Trends That Will Change the Field Forever The next big thing in digital marketing isn’t just one, singular trend. It’s an amalgam of technologically-driven changes that are paving the…

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Forget Your PPC Agency: Paid Search Automation

Explained in Fewer than 240 Words Look, I detest blogs that self-aggrandize. I do. But whenever I talk about paid search automation I realize few marketers understand what I mean…

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AI, Choices & Finch Marketing

What Is AI Anyway?  Is it the same as machine learning? Is it a 2001 Steven Spielberg movie based on a kid who can see dead people and turns into…

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Finch, A.I., and the future of digital advertising

I recently joined Finch as the Vice President of Marketing.  Having come from a strong technological background I always look to join companies that not only provide a superior product…

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