Scalability Doesn’t Stop with Holiday B2C/B2B Campaigns

Don’t Pause Your B2C/B2B Holiday Campaigns Scalability is a Long-Tail Game It’s now time to start planning and actualizing your growth for 2020. At Finch, we’re hearing from many marketers…

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7 Things About Digital Marketing Automation (Paid Media)

Things Your Boss Wants You to Know It’s safe to say that over the last decade, digital marketing has evolved significantly. With the advent of A.I. and machine learning, the…

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Digital Marketing Agencies: Expectations vs Reality

It’s no secret that digital marketing has had a significant influence on humanity over the last twenty years. And with the invention of social media, it seems that person-to-person interaction…

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Paid Search Profit Optimization

The Problem With CPA Optimization I think that we can safely assume that most businesses would like to achieve a maximal level of profit, so that being said let’s define…

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