Seven Things to Learn in Digital Marketing from The Office

Re-Watching NBC’s The Office: You Miss Every Shot You Don’t Take and Other Digital Marketing Lessons  When The Office first debuted on NBC, many of us may have been in…

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What NOT to Do in Digital Marketing: Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid It’s no secret: best practices constantly evolve within the field of digital marketing. The savviest professional marketers relish in industry updates, keeping their customers abreast…

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Google Premier Partner Award Case Study: Finch

Last year’s Premier Partner Awards for best Shopping campaign was won by Finch. Finch was founded on a simple, yet seemingly impossible, proposition: to help advertisers predict the profit of…

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Smartest PPC Guys

If Finch is the smartest PPC company, then who is the smartest PPC guy at Finch? Did you say Bjorn Espenes? An excellent guess! Bjorn understands how profitable pay per…

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