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Finch invented the platform that makes digital marketers more efficient.
We want our partners' businesses to evolve.


We’re ruthlessly-focused on enabling businesses to achieve growth and scale through digital marketing best practices and our proprietary technology.

In digital marketing, complexity is as common as it is in nature.
So why call our company FINCH? It’s all about adaptability.

When Charles Darwin introduced his theory of Natural Selection, the Galapagos Finches were at the core of his studies. In particular, Darwin was most drawn to the FINCH due to its evolutionary prowess. Darwin determined that Finches are the most adaptive species on the planet.

The Finch technology platform manages and automates online advertising campaigns follows the same principles observed by Darwin. Strong areas are allocated more resources to become even stronger over time, while the weak parts fade out. Additionally, if one is to survive the trials and tribulations of digital marketing, one can only succeed with adaptability.

Adapt With FINCH technology platform

Daily updates, actionable data, optimized execution, unprecedented scale.


The FINCH leadership team consists of a dynamic blend of international authorities on paid media, seasoned business professionals, digital marketing experts, and technological masterminds.

Bjorn Espenes

Cofounder and CEO

Bjorn is motivated by creating innovative SaaS products that keep customers happy and lets them be more efficient. That motivation led him to found several marketing technology companies that focus on online sales. When founding Finch with his business partner, Eric, Bjorn saw an opportunity to automate and optimize the majority of daily mundane manual tasks done by paid media professionals. Together, he and Eric built the Finch paid advertising management approach that combines the innovative Finch Advertising Management Platform with human expertise. Bjorn is a natural leader, which is why Finch received a Utah Business Best Companies to Work for award for four straight years. Outside of work, the only thing that makes Bjorn happier than traveling with his family or enjoying great cuisine and fine wine is a fresh coat of powder on the mountains around Park City, Utah.

Eric Maas

Co-Founder & CTO

Eric Maas has been a tech and SaaS guru throughout his entire life, having learned to code at the age of seven. Eric has always been more interested in what is possible with computers, rather than what exists. After meeting Bjorn in Park City, UT (in the 90s), Eric realized that technological entrepreneurship would be his future. A self-proclaimed “Pre-Brady Pats fan”, Eric loves watching his team dominate Super Bowls. He spends his time out of the office running up and down the California coast, where he resides with his wife.

Jason Lowry


Jason has over twenty years of tech experience doing web development, building databases, and programming software systems. He enjoys leading great teams to build and market stellar technological products. He’s spent the majority of his career alongside Eric and Bjorn—both at Finch and at their previous company. In his spare time, he loves spending time skiing and mountain biking with his family and dog, Finn. Sometimes you can catch him playing live guitar in his bluegrass group.

Joe Kendrick


With 15 years of finance and accounting expertise, Joe comes to Finch excited to help lead the company into its bright future. Joe has built many companies from the ground up and helped secure viable solutions for cash flow and revenue. A natural predictive analytics expert, Joe has years of experience building reliable systems to guide important decisions. Outside of Finch, he loves spending time outdoors with his family—and avoiding flying insects at all costs.

Devrin Carlson-Smith


Devrin has been building businesses for more than 25 years. Not just any businesses though, those at the leading-edge of emerging technologies — like Finch. He’s an expert in reshaping and disrupting traditional industries, including media, advertising, real estate, and sports. He even helped reshape the International Space Station (ISS) while working at Microsoft. Before coming to Utah, Devrin spent 15 years in Manhattan and while he currently lives in Park City, Utah, he considers Sydney, Australia, home. When he’s not creating growth strategies for clients, you can find Devrin outside exploring mountain, ocean, or desert landscapes with his family and their golden retriever or his colleagues.

Michelle Roberts

VP of Key Accounts, US/APAC

Michelle has driven client success for the last decade of her career. She came to Finch because of the enthusiastic, motivating leadership and company culture. Starting as a Director, Michelle became the VP of Key Accounts after growing her team. She excels in developing key revenue growth strategies for enterprise clients, oftentimes doubling (or tripling) their business. Outside of the office, she enjoys long distance running and driving Subaru factory rally cars at top speed.

Karoliina Heinonen

VP of Client Success

As a certified ICF Career Coach, Karoliina has years of experience excelling with team building and account management. She also led Finland’s top Google-certified partners to massive success, managing hundreds of millions of campaign dollars. Karoliina wanted to join Finch because of its integrity and commitment to personal and professional growth. Outside of the office, she spends her time riding horses up and down the west coast of Ireland’s famous beaches.

Timo Bernsmann

VP Marketing

Timo’s studies in 2006 focused on eCommerce. And ever since, he’s been at home in the digital marketing arena and has continually gained added expertise. Timo started with Finch in 2014 as a reseller. He’s been a key contributor in different roles, including his current role overseeing global marketing efforts for Finch. Timo regularly gives keynotes on digital topics. But as an absolute networker, always looks forward to an exciting exchange — even on non-marketing topics like preparing the best pizza.

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Daily updates, actionable data, optimized execution, unprecedented scale.

Google Premier Partner Awards 2019 Growing Business Online Finalist for the Americas Region

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Elite Channel Partner 2019

Google Premier Partner Awards 2019 Display Advertising Finalist for EMEA

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True job satisfaction comes from personal and company growth, achieving goals, and working as a team.

Finch Careers

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We look for the best and brightest. But we also look for talent that wants to grow and excel. We believe in building careers, not offering jobs. We like to hire interesting people who are passionate and devoted to their lives outside of work. Why? Because we know they’ll bring that same passion about what they do to at FINCH. We like to hire individuals who re-invent their job descriptions. We know our employees don’t live boring lives; we don’t want their careers to be either.

Our culture is simple. We believe in working hard and making every day count. Just like our technology, we’re looking for people who are adaptive. We empower our employees to balance their office contributions and personal lives. We offer flexible scheduling and open PTO, with a culture and that makes good on its promises. Why? Because we firmly believe that employees who have the freedom to balance their lives are far more productive than those who do not.

If our employees come in each day refreshed and inspired, then they’ll help us continue to evolve in the paid media field.


We hire interesting people who are passionate and devoted to their lives outside of work. Why? Because we know they’ll bring the same passion to what they do at FINCH. We like to hire folks who re-invent their job titles. We know you don’t live a boring life; we don’t want your contributions to our organization to be either.

Talent & Fit

We look for the best and brightest. But we also look for talent that wants to grow and excel at what they already do. We believe in building careers, not offering jobs.

Work/Life Balance

Employees who have the freedom to balance their lives are far more productive than those who do not. It’s not just something we believe, it’s something we live by. Some of our team works remotely, some take advantage of our flex scheduling and PTO. Whatever allows you to accomplish incredible work.