8. Automated PPC management only works to boost performance once

Not true!  The initial improvement in performance usually takes place within 5-15 days, and most campaigns keep improving in performance over time.  Finch pulls data from your Google AdWords account every 24 hours and updates the max CPCs allowed per match type of each keyword.  As external factors change over time (competitor bidding, their and your quality score, their and your CTR, etc.), the competitive landscape for placement changes, and even if you become less competitive, you will still be optimized.  If your competitive performance improves, an Automated PPC management system will leverage this even further.

9. Automated PPC management requires installing more tracking scripts on my site

Not true! Here’s what is true: Many companies will use their own tracking systems with your PPC account; it is simply not necessary.  Google has a perfectly fine system in place with either Google Conversion Tracking or Google Analytics (linked to your AdWords account) that gives you all the information you need if set up right.  Besides, it is your data; if you only use a 3rd party to track performance, you will loose it if you switch vendors.