If you are using a vendor, ask them why they aren’t doing automated PPC, and they will probably tell you one of the lies listed below. The truth is that some companies spread fear about automated PPC, because they have invested in process and best practices, not in software and algorithms. Read through the list of lies so that when you hear them you will know not to listen.

1. Automated PPC Management removes the ability to manage your campaigns

Not true!  There are 3 areas you should manage: ad copy, landing pages, and setting the cost target for the account. You can still select geo targets, ad rotation schedule, and many other settings. The areas that you cannot manage include structuring the campaigns, ad groups, and setting CPCs; everything else is still under your management.

2. Automated PPC Management can ruin your AdWords account in hours

Not true!  – as long as you are dealing with a serious and proven vendor who has control and alert mechanisms in place. These are both critical to gain full visibility to the initial impact on the campaigns. Initially Finch will use existing ad copy, keywords, and landing pages only changing the max CPCs, which will minimize any downside. This approach also assures there is no risk to the quality score in your account.

Next time – read about campaign structure, data requirements, and market size.